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Grape Vine 6

| July 24, 2015 | 0 Comments

Relationship building device finds relevant articles to share with your prospects and clients. Surprising statistic: 60% of articles shared on Grapevine6 are read by the recipient.

Crowd Mics

| July 24, 2015 | 0 Comments

Turns iOS and Android devices into wireless microphones, with text commenting and polling, too.

Buyer Personas

| July 24, 2015 | 0 Comments

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer, based on actual market research and data about your existing customers. Buyer personas can include demographics, behavior, motivations, desires and so forth. The more detailed they are, the better for you, since it streamlines your marketing and allows you to zero in on your ideal customers. But how do you create a buyer persona? Here is a resource with 101 questions to get you started.

YouTube’s New Real-Time Analytics

| July 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

Now you can get a minute-by-minute look at how many people are viewing your videos. See the estimated real-time viewership for your last 5 published videos both in minute-to-minute form for the last 60 minutes, as well as a sliding window of the last 48 hours.

Advanced Web Ranking

| July 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

Powerful online SEO software.


| July 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

Clever online graphic design tool.

How to Build Nearly Perfect Marketing Emails

| July 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

Is there a trick to writing marketing emails that get the click? Actually, there are 20 tricks, and here they are:

Use a great subject line:

  1. Be specific and useful. Rather than saying, “You’re going to love this,” use “How to get a 27% increase in stamina.”
  1. Identify yourself consistently. Don’t call yourself Bob Jones in one email, Robert Jones in a second email and Jones Consulting in a third. Pick a name and stick with it so recipients recognize you.
  1. Use words such as ‘sale,’ ‘new,’ ‘alert,’ ‘news bulletin,’ ‘daily,’ ‘weekly’ and ‘free.’
  1. Ask a question. “Are you ready for this Tuesday?” or “Do you know how to increase subscribers by 42% with one tweak?”
  1. Test your subject lines, then reuse what works and discard what doesn’t.
  1. Don’t use the same or similar subject line twice in a row. Ever.
  1. Use timely topics when possible.
  1. Use [but don’t over use] urgency.
  1. Use all caps to emphasize one or two important words
  1. Use brackets to create a second attention getter, like this: 12 killer traffic methods [And the 5 WORST]

Optimize the body content:

  1. Use SHORT paragraphs, just one or two sentences each. Make it super easy to read.
  1. Use photos that sell your message
  1. Be clear about what your offer is and how it impacts and benefits the reader
  1. Use a strong call to action
  1. Give the name and location of your company – look REAL, not fly by night
  1. Focus on only ONE action you want your reader to take
  1. Make your email as long as it needs to be and no longer
  1. Use urgency but don’t over do it. Use action words and action phrases. Don’t use passive language. Make it personal. “Grab your copy”, not “Get a copy”
  1. Make your button big enough. Remember, the majority of subscribers will be reading your email on a phone or tablet, so make your button big enough for a human finger to easily tap.
  1. Make your call to action and button visually distinctive and inviting.

Lastly, remember to make your emails mobile friendly. Picture size needs to be reduced for fast loading times. You can use a service such as Photo Resizer to reduce the file size without losing the image quality.

And define image size by proportion if your email editor doesn’t do this automatically, so the images look good on any sized screen. To do this, set the max-width to the proportion of the screen you want it to take up, and set the height to “auto” to automatically adjust based upon the width.

One final thing: Put some personality into it. No one responds positively to being bored, and blending with the crowd won’t get you sales. Instead of being a business robot, be yourself and have fun with your subscribers.

Local Marketers: Get Your Clients on Brazzlebox

| July 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

Brazzlebox is a new social network designed specifically for Mom and Pop stores as well as home-based businesses.

And for anyone who works from home, this is a great way to find others in your area to network with, possibly do JV’s or just go get a cup of coffee together.

Travel and Work Online?

| July 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

Question. I want to travel the world as I work online. Can I do it?

Answer. If you’ve got your laptop and a method of making money online, then of course the answer is yes. But if you don’t yet have a stable online income, you might want to wait until you do.

Things to keep in mind: You might not have as much time to work when you’re traveling as you do when you’re at home. If you spend all your time sightseeing and figuring out where your next meal is and where your next bed will be, there might not be a lot of time left for work. If you’re working online, it’s preferable to pick a spot and stay there for a week or longer, rather than going to a new location everyday.

Traveling can be expensive unless you’re willing to think outside the box. For example, instead of paying for lodging, consider being a house sitter. It doesn’t usually pay much (or anything) but you get your housing for free. Here are two ebooks I found on how to see the world by house sitting:

You’ve got to have the right personality for all of this travel, too. You’ve got to be extremely flexible to adjust to new surroundings and people all the time. You need to be curious to enjoy yourself in these new places. And you have to have an appetite for risk. After all, traveling the world is not the same as staying in your cozy, safe environment you know so well.

What’s A Good Way To Connect With People On A Forum?

| July 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

Question. What’s A Good Way To Connect With People On A Forum? I Know About Making Useful Posts, But What I Really Want To Do Is Start A Conversation One On One With People. Any Ideas?

Answer: I was recently on a forum (which shall remain nameless – and no, it’s not Warrior) where someone offered to send some valuable info to anyone who sent him their email address. Basically, he wrote, “If you want to know how to get (a certain result) in a step-by-step tutorial, then email me.” He did this about 9 months ago, and he’s gotten over 60 pages of people asking for the info.

Now, you might say this isn’t any different than a squeeze page, but I think it is. These respondents had to make a new post, saying something like, “Yes, please send the info, thanks!”

In writing and posting a message, what happens? People are much more likely to remember doing it than if they simply typed their email address into a squeeze page. Plus they feel like they’re communicating with a REAL person, rather than an autoresponder (because they are.)

When he responds back with the info, it’s the perfect time for him to start a conversation, to give his Skype address, URL and so forth, and to invite the person to respond back.

Sure, it’s more work sending out the info by hand, but the result can be a very responsive list of people who really do get to know, like and trust you.