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Boomerang for Gmail

| December 31, 2015 | 0 Comments

FREE Trial, Free Basic Plan

Schedule an email to be sent later. Just write it now and schedule when you want it to actually be delivered. (HINT: Schedule the day and time for when the recipient is most likely to be online.)

Also, Boomerang can take messages out of your inbox until you actually need them so you don’t lose track of them. This is a great way to remind yourself to follow up, answer the email, etc.


FREE Version

This desktop software will help you locate good quality content for curation on your site. NOTE: The free version is not as good as the $47 a year paid version, but will still give you lots of great leads to get you started. You also get access to some very helpful training videos on curation.


Cute Rank

| December 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

FREE Edition

Check and track your keyword rankings on multiple search engines, for free. Plus you can keep your SEO notes and see how your keyword position improves with your SEO efforts.

Great tool to use when you’re just starting out with SEO and keywords and you’re not ready to spring for the big bucks yet.


You Haven’t Seen PLR Used Like THIS…

| December 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

I know a marketer who subscribes to a PLR membership. He gets good stuff, usually video courses that are quite extensive. When he finds a course he likes, he renames it and gets new graphics for it so it looks like it’s his.

So far so normal, right?

But this is where it gets good. Instead of just selling it like you would any other course, he offers it as a personal mentoring course that lasts for 30 or 45 days. And he sells it for $297 to $497, depending on the contents of the course and the duration he chooses for the course length.

Then he simply makes himself available via email and twice a week via Skype to answer any questions. Of course he makes sure he knows the topic well, but anyone who’s been marketing for any length of time will know the basics well enough to do this.

He also limits the number of people who can join to somewhere between 10 and 25, depending again on the course. This creates urgency, and it’s not uncommon for him to completely fill a class. But even if he only sold a couple of mentoring courses, he would still be plenty in profit since his monthly membership is only $49.

The real work is done by the student as she progresses through the course. He just answers questions. It’s a great deal for both him and the students, since they are learning by doing and they have someone to go to with questions. And he doesn’t put in much work to make the profit he gets.

If you’ve got a decent amount of Internet Marketing experience yourself, you might want to try this.

Just Retweet

| December 29, 2015 | 0 Comments


Get your tweets re-tweeted, get more followers on Twitter, and get Facebook Likes and Google +1’s.

This is also a good method to find content to retweet that your followers will be interested in.


Facebook Pages Get YouTube-like Tools for Publishing Videos

| December 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

The improved video upload tools allow you to…

  • Restrict the audience of a video by age and gender (in addition to location and language, which are already available).
  • Set an expiration date for a video and retain its insights, even after the video has been removed.
  • Publish video directly to the Videos tab for your Page, without distributing to News Feed or Timeline.
  • Allow or prohibit video embeds on third-party sites.
  • Add custom thumbnails for videos, using your own image or a suggested thumbnail.
  • Label videos based on interest categories, including Entertainment, News and more.

Plus Page owners now get a video library to organize and update their videos. Details here:


How to Get Other People to Pay for Your New Business

| December 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

Let’s say you want to start a new business, but you need some capital to do it. Maybe you want to start making apps or some other kind of software. Or you need software for your own social networking site, or whatever.

Here’s a way to get others to fund it for you.

As you are building your business, record everything. Every problem you solve, every step you take, every misstep you make – take notes of everything.

Offer these notes for sale to others who want to do the same thing you’re doing. For example, if you’re building apps then you’d sell your info to other people who want to make money with apps, too.

You might offer them a weekly update as you progress. Or bundle it all together and sell it when you’re done. It’s up to you, but frankly the idea of letting your customers watch you as you set up your new business and turn a profit can be pretty exciting for them and motivating for you. Plus, you’ll get paid up front.

Offer this insider info for a reasonable price, and remember to offer an appropriate upsell as well. The right upsell will more than double your profits. Use this money to fund your business, and you’ve basically started a business for free – not a bad deal at all.

Out of 100K Questions on Google Webmaster Forums, Here’s What People Struggle with the Most

| December 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

Google says my site is not mobile but it is.”

Why do my competitors rank better?”

Why does Google say my site is hacked – it’s not!”

And several other interesting questions are answered here:


Manage WordPress

| December 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

FREE Version

Do you have several different WordPress sites? Then you KNOW what a pain it is to update each one with plugins and themes, keep up with comments and so forth.

The free version lets you do it all from one dashboard for up to 5 sites, plus you can run performance and security scans for your sites. And there’s an auto backup to DropBox feature that could save you a major headache one day, too.


How to Make an Immediate Lump Sum from Your Paid Membership

| December 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Gotta love continuity, right? Where else can you sell something once and get paid more than once? And if you have your own membership site, it gets even better because you can also cash out a lump sum whenever you chose to. Here’s how:

Let’s say you’ve got 300 members paying you $27 a month, and you decide you would like a lump sum payment. Offer your members a special one time deal. They can pay for 6 months right now, and get an entire year of membership. That’s $162, saving them $162. Or you could make it $149, saving them even more.

If you get one out of three members to take your offer at $149, you just received $149 times 100, or $14,900. Not a bad pay day.

Novel Rank

| December 26, 2015 | 0 Comments


Lets you keep track of your Kindle books sales, or the sales of any Kindle book for that matter. Find out who is outselling you, then investigate to see what they’re doing that you’re not.

You can also do a Google blog search to find out where people are linking to your books, or the books of your competitors. This way you can try and get similar links yourself.