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How many websites are actually estimated to being using Google Analytics?

| February 5, 2016 | 0 Comments

How many websites are actually estimated to being using Google Analytics?

Google is celebrating the 10th birthday of Google Analytics and many people are still wondering how many websites are actually using this service since Google has not provided any official data on that subject.


French Facebook users can now Snapchat through Messenger

| February 5, 2016 | 0 Comments

Facebook is testing a Snapchat-style disappearing message feature in its Messenger app. For some users in France who now have the option of sending a message that is scheduled to vanish in one hour.

Does Google has the slightest idea how many people use Google Analytics?


The ‘Perfection’ of Imperfection

| February 5, 2016 | 0 Comments

You know, not just as Internet Marketers but as people, we crave perfection. And because of that fact, we fail to act when we probably should.

I think you’ll recognize the following examples:

  • Planning a party and then putting it off to the following weekend because there’s more time to get it ‘just perfect’.
  • Waiting until the year after to go on that course, because the deadline this year is just too soon; you’re not quite ready.
  • Writing that book that never quite gets finished because it’s not reading just as you’d like yet
  • Putting that concert off: sure, he/she will be around this part of the country next year – won’t they? You don’t have the money anyway… or the time… this time…

And specifically as an Internet Marketer, you’ll notice that we are always (in the same way) trying to create the perfectly perfect product. We want to wait until it’s just right or just ready and at the best time in the most apt niche.

Careful is good, don’t get me wrong – you don’t want to invest in everything shiny you see like some mindless raven but there is also a danger in being too cautious.

If you wait until you’re ready… really ready it will queue your success and put you after those others that will dare to try and fail with the products that they have now. Not perfect products – working products. You see, if you’ve been in this game as long as I have, you’ll understand this:

There won’t be a perfect product. Ever.

Every product, service, investment, niche and sales related system has risks. In fact, to cheer you up, I’ll tell you this: every moment of life, whether you think about it or not, has risks. You could go outside today and be hit by a bus with no greater or less risk realistically than if you were sky diving. You have to just work with the circumstances you’re in.

There will always be a product ready today, that sells today. And even failing to generate sales will teach you how to reach success next time. Because there are no failures, just learning. Every product that sells less than another tells you many, many useful things about your market – about your consumer. And once you are inside the buying brain of a consumer – well, that’s when the money rolls in.

Do not delay in your experiments. Run with what you have today and make it work to the best of its’ ability. Stop trying to make everything work out perfectly because frankly you’re wasting time and missing out on valuable lessons and challenges that could have benefited you as a very successful Internet Marketer.

Sometimes you just have to rip the plaster off. Just pull and stop thinking about the how’s and whys. Doing things too carefully often delays the inevitable anyway and drags out the whole affair, causing pain. On a similar note, for you and for your life (on and offline) – If you need to walk away from something, just do it now. Waiting is more stressful than the act itself and once you’re on the other side, you can begin anew. But never before then. There’s never a good time. It’s time now.

Certainly, don’t wait for approval to do something either. I have noted a lot of Internet Marketers worrying about what families etc. will think of their trial and error mode. And I don’t blame them – the jobs we have are more risky when you’re self-employed, naturally. But you’re here because you do not want to be a corporate slave, you want freedom. Let that freedom of choice be reflected in your next decisions too then, because life waits for no man and no woman.

Move with it, act now, make your own decisions – be free to make mistakes and to try different things. Products don’t sell themselves, you sell them. And the more you try, the better your technique.

Don’t wait for the perfect thing – it’s not coming. Make use of what you can do now –today. Your imperfection is all of our imperfections. It is what makes us human. It is what makes us great. And boy, does it feel better then, when we get it right.

Easy Information Marketing Business Exchanging Know How for Money

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We live in the information age as people call it. It is growing rapidly as back even a little more than two decades ago, access to the Internet was not readily available in everyone’s home. When you needed to do research for a project, you had to go to the library, search for different books, and then write your reports or papers. Now, with the Internet in the majority of homes today, getting the information you need is very easy.

Most people will open their web browser, type in a topic to search for, and then it will compile a list of results. This is great when you need to find relevant and current information, but, can that information be trusted? With my experience, you can’t just trust anything you read. There needs to be proof that what you are saying will work, or has happened. But don’t worry; there are ways to do this without compromising your credibility.

Why Information Marketing

That’s an easy question to answer. As I said, this is the information age. People are hungry for as much information as they can get and absorb in their brain. When you put yourself out there, and give people the information they want, they will come back for more. So, how can you make yourself the expert and give credible information? The answer is simple; take time to do research and test your theories.

The most important part of Information Marketing is testing the information you gather. For instance, if you want to tell someone about ways to lose weight, you can’t just tell them what you find. There are so many diets out there and many different people out there who say they tried this diet and that and how it works, but can you take their word for it? So that is why you should always be the person who tests it out before you make this information public.

How to Test your Information

So a big question for you should be “how do I test the information I gathered?” Weight loss is a very complicated thing to test and takes time, so I will use a different example. For the people who like to garden and sell home and garden items, you can do a simple experiment on what the ideal environment is to grow a specific plant and what to use to give that plant nutrition.

Just think for a minute about the example I will explain to you: Will a bell pepper plant grow better in a noisy environment or a quiet environment? In this example, you want to sell bell pepper kits. During the gardening season, go to your local store that will sell seeds. Plant some seeds in two different planters.

Then, place the one planter in a very noisy environment and one is a quite environment. Keep a journal of what happens daily. Of course, the plant will not start to grow right away, but keep the journal to tell your readers how long each plant took to grow. Take note on anything specific about the plant, like when you noticed the first sprout, to which one grew faster. Share your findings with your readers.

This will help them know what type of environment is best to grow a bell pepper plant. When people know something different or unique about a product you want to sell, that can really help them make a decision. If they really like it, they will purchase from you and come back to buy more.

Reasons you need to use Information Marketing

It does take time to create a product and then sell it. However, you have the ability inside to create the product you want and put a unique touch on it. So what I mean is everyone can sell a bell pepper kit. All they have to do is put it on an auction site, or Amazon and hope that people find them. Since this is what most people think works, you have to take more steps to get better results.

To stand out from the rest, always go above and beyond what most people do. This is where the most successful people see the best results. Do not just put a product for sale on an auction site, or your own site, but talk about that product by writing an article. Use the information you gathered from your research and your own experiments to create your article.

Then, post to different article sites. Also, create a Press Release (PR) about the product as well and send that to a PR site. Always backlink to your blog or website to drive in traffic and this is where you will have a major advantage over other marketers.

Less Face-to-Face Interaction with a Buyer is Convenient

In today’s economy, many people will rather shop online. Sometimes they will find an item they want, but if they had to travel to get the item, it could be too far away. Say you are writing a book about a topic of interest. With the invention of the Amazon Kindle, people like that they can download a digital copy and not have to go to a brick and mortar store.

There are some people who still prefer a paper copy of the book, but I am just focusing on the people who want digital books. People may have questions about your book, so if they ask, be ready to answer. But for the most part, if you have a great description and you make people want to buy it, then you won’t have the need to interact face-to-face with people. This is great if you are not the most people friendly.

When they buy your digital book, they can download it, and keep in on their eBook reader or computer. They have the book when they want it and need it and do not have to go searching for it. This makes them happy as well as you. You are then automating your business, and doing less work, which is what you want to do.

Hiring Staff Members

This is something that can be completely optional. When you are starting out, you can do the entire customer service and selling yourself. It is a good idea to get some freelancers involved to help you with the marketing material, because most people who want to start a business online do not always have the expertise in how to write the information to sell the products.

That does not mean they can’t sell a product. Something in this world that will never die out is the need to have more than one person involved to help you sell something, but you don’t need to hire employees and open an office and have all the expenses related to that. You can simply hire people when you need them. This is why the Internet is one of the best inventions.

Investment is Minimal

You may have to make a small investment to start up your Information Business. This includes a website and hosting, or the investment on getting writers for your articles. You may also need the supplies if you are selling physical goods as well. Keep all this in mind. If you are an affiliate marketer however you won’t need to invest that much money into the business. There are times when you won’t need to invest any money at all; just your time.

You can also purchase your information. Be cautious with this however, because if you purchased it, there is most likely other people who purchased it. Look it over, edit it, spin it, and then post it to your site. Make sure it is Copyscape approved! That way, you can’t get in trouble because you have the same exact content as someone else.

Customer Service

There will be times that you need to attend to a customer’s concerns or questions. Always be on the lookout for this. Never take too long to talk to someone and NEVER make excuses. There was a time I needed service for a digital product I purchased. The only thing they had was support desk software. That is fine, but when someone needs help that day and wants to resolve it then and there, make sure you are able to accommodate them.

When I wasn’t able to get the problem I had with my digital product resolved the day I was inquiring, and it took more than five days to even get someone to tell you there was nothing wrong with the product but something was wrong with the website, it was annoying.

Never make excuses if you can’t get back to someone as soon as they need. For instance, never tell someone that you have other customers to attend to. They know that. Try and make the service personable as if you are really trying to help them. If you can’t respond quickly enough to a person’s request, then you will need to change your response method.

One thing you can do is create an instant message system on your site. That way, the person that needs help can get what they need much faster because the problem is being resolved then and there. You will always have a better response from customers when that happens. Make a customer feel first, even if you can’t; so never make excuses. Don’t tell them you have hundreds of customers as it sounds boastful and like they are less important.

Profit Potential

One of the most rewarding experiences of Information Marketing is the profit potential. You aren’t just talking about profit; you are talking about a larger amount of it. The reason you can get a larger amount of profit is because of all the research you have done. You not only researched the product you are selling, but also who your potential customers are.

In your findings, you will see what people want to buy the most. Knowing this and presenting the information in a compelling way will sell a product more times than not doing the research and presenting a product in a way that someone has already done. The more interesting you make your product to your potential and even repeat customers, the more they will come back to you, thus increasing your profit!

Give a visual presentation

Remember, many people are visual learners. They have to see something in a picture or video to understand it better. When presenting a product, or even an idea, produce a picture of it that is of high quality and easy to look at. If you are selling an idea, you will need to be a little more creative. If you notice on, people present “how to do something” with pictures. This is also great because you may use terms that people are unfamiliar with. This is a great way to show them what you mean instead of just telling them.

Video marketing is very popular as well, so if you can incorporate a video presentation for your product or service, you have a better chance at selling it. When I go to JV Zoo or Clickbank, I like to view a product’s site with a video instead of just reading a long sales letter. I believe sales letters will be things of the past pretty soon. It’s not to say they don’t work today, but one thing to keep in mind is don’t make it too long.

More and more people will buy something if they see an example of it in a video presentation. Make it interesting, be enthusiastic, and give it some flair. I will touch more on videos later in this article, but keep what I said in mind.

Use Certain Types of Graphics

One very popular type of graphic is an infographic. This type of graphic gives the reader a bunch of specific information in a very colorful way. I understand that you may not be the best at making the graphics, so this is a time when you will need to make a small investment. Other than that, if you want to try to make the graphic yourself, do some research on which colors work best.

There is actually a science to what colors attract certain people and also which gender prefers which color. Some colors compliment others, while some combinations of colors are hard on the eyes. Choose your colors carefully. The research has already been done for you, so you do not need to experiment here.

There is nothing worse than looking at a graphic that makes you want to look the other way. You really do not need to be an expert in what works however, but putting your best effort in creating these graphics will pay off in the end. Since you know your readers, more often than not, your readers will like the same colors. That is one reason they are your readers; they were attracted to your ad or site because of the colors and content.

Animated GIFs

It is not a bad idea to use an animated graphic or GIF. There are many creative ways you can incorporate this type. Animation has been around for a very long time, and when people see something moving, they will look at it. Of course, don’t fill you page with too many animated GIFs, or it may make people dizzy. A great GIF graphic to put on your site about your product is something with data where they can see how it has grown.

This is not a necessary thing, but it is worth exploring. Since the eye will focus on something moving on the screen, it is not a bad idea to include this graphic type.

Formatting your Content is Crucial

You want the content to be reader friendly. It is much easier to read information if you break it up into sections just like the article you are reading now. What I mean is, put a heading, make it bold, and then put your relevant content under it. It is also easier to find the information you want to go back to at a later time. People often skim the article for the points they think are most important to them, so formatting your information this way is a great idea.

Also, bullet points are great to use too. When you want to tell someone something in steps, it is best to have this written in bullet points. Any extra explanation you need to give can be written underneath the bullet point. For example, going back to the bell pepper product, you may want to display your findings in bullet points.

Plant A

  • Noise level was high
  • Light was bright
  • Watered Every day
  • Growth was 2 centimeters a day on average

So when people want to see something like this, they don’t want to read a whole paragraph explaining this information. Having your information in bullet points would be the easiest for the reader. Always think of how your reader may want to see the information. You will know this about your readers, so try to think like them.

Create graphics people want to share on Social Media

When you go on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, what catches your eye? For me, it is a graphic or picture someone shared. People often share pictures with a saying on it. Make this saying something people will agree with. Also, video is another thing people like to share. If you make graphics or videos to share, make a point that gets people to agree with it or laugh because it was humorous.

You do want the content to go viral. The more people share something, the more exposure your brand can get. You can also include backlinks on these images as well, but a word of caution: don’t include a link back to your site on every single image or video as you don’t want it to appear to be spam.

Make a Slide Show

Slide shows have been around since marketing has been around. This is nothing new and it is something that will not die out. is a very popular site with more than 70 million professionals using it. When you go on the site, you will see many slideshows that are colorful and eye-catching. With slideshows, you can include animated graphics, charts and graphs, and even animate the words. There are so many ways to use a slideshow; you can’t go wrong with it.

Keep in mind the color scheme, and don’t make it too long or too short. Remember, you know your readers better than anyone else. Give them something that will satisfy their information hunger.

If you don’t have ideas on how to put your slideshow presentation together, look for a template. There are so many creative minds out there that already have templates made up. Use their ideas to save time and hassle, but always make it your own.

Bring Content to Life with Video

I touched on making videos earlier, but now I want to go more in depth about it. Videos can be as creative as you want them to be. Sometimes a simple explainer video is great, while a more advanced, high quality video is needed. So when should you use a simple one and a more advanced video?

Simple videos can be used when you are just explaining a few key elements about your business. For instance, if you want to introduce your business, you don’t need to go in depth about it. You can simply say something like, “Hi, and welcome to (Your Brand) Solutions. We are a service company helping people find solutions.” That is just watered down, but you get the idea. You don’t really need it to be edited too much either.

More advanced videos can include content such as how to do something. You may need a bit of editing for this one and a few takes, but when it is all said and done, even if there are parts of the video that aren’t perfect, they can be edited together to make one awesome video!

For example, I saw a video on “How to make your own Moisturizer.” It was a simple video, yet it was filmed in pieces. First, they filmed the part where they showed a product. From that product they said they were going to make a moisturizer. Then they showed other ingredients. You had to melt the products together and then let them cool. This was all condensed in a three minute video.

After all the pieces were filmed, the sound on each one was cut out and a voiceover was added. Also, some parts were sped up to keep the video at three minutes of less. Then, a voiceover was created and had to match the person as they were doing the actions. It doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as the viewer would understand in the end how to make the moisturizer.

Other examples of videos to use for your content are tutorials. One of the top searches on sites like YouTube is tutorial videos. This is where you can shine because if you know how to do something that someone needs to know, creating a tutorial video will be one of the best ways to get people back to your site. You create the video, put a link to your site in the description, and if the viewer is interested, they will click on it.

Information Marketing Business from Start to Finish

Now I will give you a step by step method to create and maintain your business. At the end will be a checklist of items you can use to remind yourself of the steps and some items you may need to keep the business going.

First Step

The first thing you want to think about is your niche. So what about your niche? You know that many people may have the same niche, so there is competition going on. You need to make your particular business unique. Don’t worry about making it so unique that it is completely different from the rest.

People always say they are looking for creativity and uniqueness, but in reality they are looking for slight differences. Everyone thinks they have to re-invent the wheel, which is actually not true. From all my studies about marketing and learning from top online marketers, they will tell you it isn’t true as well.

This is a big advantage for you since you are the expert in your niche, you should know the details surrounding it and what makes people interested. As you are writing about a part of your niche, try to add one or two things that will make it different, teaching the reader something new about it that they never thought of before.

If you make it too different, you will lose the reader and they will be confused and leave your page. Remember this golden rule of marketing: “a confused mind will never buy.” Keep that in mind at all times and you will not write anything confusing. Also, never mislead the buyer and give them false information. They will eventually find out and you can also get into legal trouble.

Step Two: Get your potential customers to contact you.

There is no need to think that your information should be complete with no questions asked. That is pretty boring if I am reading something and I can’t ask a question about it because everything was right there. Make the content open ended so people will be encouraged to ask questions.

There are some dos and don’ts to this as well. Do put enough information there that readers are not questioning everything. Don’t make it so vague that people ask 100 questions or more and can be totally lost. You get the idea.

Put a contact form at the end of the content or a comment box depending on how open you want the conversations to be. If you want people to join your list and email them individually to answer their questions, then of course you will have a contact form that will send you an email.

If you want group discussions, then have a comment box that will show everyone’s questions and comments to the public. Lay down some ground rules as well to remind people of how they should act. Otherwise, conversations can get out of hand.

Step 3: Convert your Viewers into Subscribers

This is how you can build your relationships with the people who view your content. Encourage them to sign up to your list. Always give them some incentive to do so. One thing you can do is offer them a free gift. You should make this free gift with something interesting about the niche you are marketing.

You can also run contests. People LOVE competition, and it gets them really excited. For instance, going back to the bell pepper kit example, you can give one away for someone answering a correct question you ask. People love free stuff and will always be eager to participate. They will also be more likely to come back to see if you have any more contests.

Step 4: Convert your Subscribers into Buyers

This is one of the most important steps. This is where you will get your income to keep running your business. To get them to convert to your buyer, it is always best practice to offer them a discount on their first purchase. Maybe even offer them a percentage off for being a subscriber. Get creative with this as people do often change their minds on what they buy and the reason they buy it.

Keep the information coming and offer them a way to be your V.I.P. member. People love being important, so make them feel that way. Offer more of an incentive to encourage them to be on your V.I.P. List. Always make the product you are selling them high quality and valuable. This can keep them coming to you over and over again to buy your products.

Don’t try to sell to your subscribers every single day. When you are sending out messages, send out some that are general, such as a story about your day. When writing this story, don’t complete it as you want to give them reasons to come back and hear more.


Starting your own Information Marketing Business is a rewarding experience. Everyone is information hungry because the more you know will help you feel more intelligent. People love to feel as if they know something that someone else doesn’t know. There are those that love to talk and they want to be the “go-to” person.

There are also those people who love to learn and listen and take advice. Both types of people are people whom you want to be on your list. You want these people to come back to you time after time.

Remember, the best content to use in your Information Marketing Business is of course articles, pictures and graphics, slideshows, and videos. Most people are visual learners and will need the content to be something memorable. Keeping them interested is your main goal.


As I promised, I am providing you with a checklist so you can keep your business organized. This will help you in the end because you want your readers and potential customers to keep coming back for more.

  • Research your niche for all the information possible.
  • Test your findings – keep a journal.
  • Upon the conclusion of your study, write your content about it – maybe hire a freelance writer.
  • Make the content open ended so people ask questions and make comments
    • Make it easy to read and interesting.
  • Create your graphics, videos, and presentations – make sure the colors you use work well together.
    • You want people to share the content.
  • Include backlinks on your sharable pictures and videos (but not every single one).
  • Keep your buyers happy and coming back for more.
  • Rinse and repeat.

As always, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and good luck starting your own business!