Assumptions Are the Termites of Your Business

| June 18, 2015

We took a trip recently, driving the entire way. One evening when it was quite late, we were looking for a room, driving here and there looking for a vacancy that wouldn’t set us back a ton and a half of money.

See, we were in a resort town. Lots of tourists, lots of motels, all charging 3 times what they would normally charge if they were in any other town.

So we looked for an affordable one, and in so doing, passed by the “rich” looking ones. “Why spend a fortune for a bed?” I thought.

But here’s the thing – I had to go to the bathroom. Bad. So while we were about to pass the same hotel for the third time, the one I just KNEW was massively overpriced, I decided to pull in and use the facilities.

Where’s the bathroom?” I panted to the desk clerk.

Right down the hall and to the left,” he replied.

When I came back he asked where I was from. Come to find out, we shared a hometown and a passion for travel.

Do you want a room?” he asked.

Yes, but they’re too expensive here” I replied.

How do you know, you haven’t even asked how much they are? You can have the last remaining suite for ___” and this is where he quoted a price that made my jaw drop.

A price that was less than most of the cheap, questionable motels we weren’t sure we wanted to stay at.

Why so low? Are you doing me a favor?” I asked.

Nope, the boss makes his profit on the restaurants, bars and the casino in this place,” he replied.

There you go. I was a dummy for assuming the rooms would be overpriced.

Now the question is, what are you assuming? Do you assume something is beyond your reach? That it’s too tough to accomplish? That you could never do it, and shouldn’t even try?”

Let go of what you think you know. Assume nothing. Question everything. Open your eyes – you’ll be surprised.

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