Best Type of Photos and Images to Use

| October 4, 2015

Question: What are the best type of photos and images to use on my websites and blogs?

Answer: By “the best,” I’m going to assume you mean which ones perform the best, whether the goal is to keep someone reading the page, get them to click, get them to buy or whatever the desired outcome is.

You know those canned images of smiling business people? And also those images of little round faceless guys doing stuff? Don’t – repeat – DO NOT use those.

Instead, use real people, real photos, real ANYTHING. According to Marketing Experiments, using generic stock photography and images can actually DECREASE the effectiveness of your page, where as using real photos, especially of real people, can nearly double the performance of your page.

Take the time to find or create images that convey the right message to your prospect’s subconscious – it’s worth the effort.

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