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Easy Information Marketing Business Exchanging Know How for Money

| February 5, 2016 | 0 Comments

We live in the information age as people call it. It is growing rapidly as back even a little more than two decades ago, access to the Internet was not readily available in everyone’s home. When you needed to do research for a project, you had to go to the library, search for different books, and then write your reports or papers. Now, with the Internet in the majority of homes today, getting the information you need is very easy.

Most people will open their web browser, type in a topic to search for, and then it will compile a list of results. This is great when you need to find relevant and current information, but, can that information be trusted? With my experience, you can’t just trust anything you read. There needs to be proof that what you are saying will work, or has happened. But don’t worry; there are ways to do this without compromising your credibility.

Why Information Marketing

That’s an easy question to answer. As I said, this is the information age. People are hungry for as much information as they can get and absorb in their brain. When you put yourself out there, and give people the information they want, they will come back for more. So, how can you make yourself the expert and give credible information? The answer is simple; take time to do research and test your theories.

The most important part of Information Marketing is testing the information you gather. For instance, if you want to tell someone about ways to lose weight, you can’t just tell them what you find. There are so many diets out there and many different people out there who say they tried this diet and that and how it works, but can you take their word for it? So that is why you should always be the person who tests it out before you make this information public.

How to Test your Information

So a big question for you should be “how do I test the information I gathered?” Weight loss is a very complicated thing to test and takes time, so I will use a different example. For the people who like to garden and sell home and garden items, you can do a simple experiment on what the ideal environment is to grow a specific plant and what to use to give that plant nutrition.

Just think for a minute about the example I will explain to you: Will a bell pepper plant grow better in a noisy environment or a quiet environment? In this example, you want to sell bell pepper kits. During the gardening season, go to your local store that will sell seeds. Plant some seeds in two different planters.

Then, place the one planter in a very noisy environment and one is a quite environment. Keep a journal of what happens daily. Of course, the plant will not start to grow right away, but keep the journal to tell your readers how long each plant took to grow. Take note on anything specific about the plant, like when you noticed the first sprout, to which one grew faster. Share your findings with your readers.

This will help them know what type of environment is best to grow a bell pepper plant. When people know something different or unique about a product you want to sell, that can really help them make a decision. If they really like it, they will purchase from you and come back to buy more.

Reasons you need to use Information Marketing

It does take time to create a product and then sell it. However, you have the ability inside to create the product you want and put a unique touch on it. So what I mean is everyone can sell a bell pepper kit. All they have to do is put it on an auction site, or Amazon and hope that people find them. Since this is what most people think works, you have to take more steps to get better results.

To stand out from the rest, always go above and beyond what most people do. This is where the most successful people see the best results. Do not just put a product for sale on an auction site, or your own site, but talk about that product by writing an article. Use the information you gathered from your research and your own experiments to create your article.

Then, post to different article sites. Also, create a Press Release (PR) about the product as well and send that to a PR site. Always backlink to your blog or website to drive in traffic and this is where you will have a major advantage over other marketers.

Less Face-to-Face Interaction with a Buyer is Convenient

In today’s economy, many people will rather shop online. Sometimes they will find an item they want, but if they had to travel to get the item, it could be too far away. Say you are writing a book about a topic of interest. With the invention of the Amazon Kindle, people like that they can download a digital copy and not have to go to a brick and mortar store.

There are some people who still prefer a paper copy of the book, but I am just focusing on the people who want digital books. People may have questions about your book, so if they ask, be ready to answer. But for the most part, if you have a great description and you make people want to buy it, then you won’t have the need to interact face-to-face with people. This is great if you are not the most people friendly.

When they buy your digital book, they can download it, and keep in on their eBook reader or computer. They have the book when they want it and need it and do not have to go searching for it. This makes them happy as well as you. You are then automating your business, and doing less work, which is what you want to do.

Hiring Staff Members

This is something that can be completely optional. When you are starting out, you can do the entire customer service and selling yourself. It is a good idea to get some freelancers involved to help you with the marketing material, because most people who want to start a business online do not always have the expertise in how to write the information to sell the products.

That does not mean they can’t sell a product. Something in this world that will never die out is the need to have more than one person involved to help you sell something, but you don’t need to hire employees and open an office and have all the expenses related to that. You can simply hire people when you need them. This is why the Internet is one of the best inventions.

Investment is Minimal

You may have to make a small investment to start up your Information Business. This includes a website and hosting, or the investment on getting writers for your articles. You may also need the supplies if you are selling physical goods as well. Keep all this in mind. If you are an affiliate marketer however you won’t need to invest that much money into the business. There are times when you won’t need to invest any money at all; just your time.

You can also purchase your information. Be cautious with this however, because if you purchased it, there is most likely other people who purchased it. Look it over, edit it, spin it, and then post it to your site. Make sure it is Copyscape approved! That way, you can’t get in trouble because you have the same exact content as someone else.

Customer Service

There will be times that you need to attend to a customer’s concerns or questions. Always be on the lookout for this. Never take too long to talk to someone and NEVER make excuses. There was a time I needed service for a digital product I purchased. The only thing they had was support desk software. That is fine, but when someone needs help that day and wants to resolve it then and there, make sure you are able to accommodate them.

When I wasn’t able to get the problem I had with my digital product resolved the day I was inquiring, and it took more than five days to even get someone to tell you there was nothing wrong with the product but something was wrong with the website, it was annoying.

Never make excuses if you can’t get back to someone as soon as they need. For instance, never tell someone that you have other customers to attend to. They know that. Try and make the service personable as if you are really trying to help them. If you can’t respond quickly enough to a person’s request, then you will need to change your response method.

One thing you can do is create an instant message system on your site. That way, the person that needs help can get what they need much faster because the problem is being resolved then and there. You will always have a better response from customers when that happens. Make a customer feel first, even if you can’t; so never make excuses. Don’t tell them you have hundreds of customers as it sounds boastful and like they are less important.

Profit Potential

One of the most rewarding experiences of Information Marketing is the profit potential. You aren’t just talking about profit; you are talking about a larger amount of it. The reason you can get a larger amount of profit is because of all the research you have done. You not only researched the product you are selling, but also who your potential customers are.

In your findings, you will see what people want to buy the most. Knowing this and presenting the information in a compelling way will sell a product more times than not doing the research and presenting a product in a way that someone has already done. The more interesting you make your product to your potential and even repeat customers, the more they will come back to you, thus increasing your profit!

Give a visual presentation

Remember, many people are visual learners. They have to see something in a picture or video to understand it better. When presenting a product, or even an idea, produce a picture of it that is of high quality and easy to look at. If you are selling an idea, you will need to be a little more creative. If you notice on, people present “how to do something” with pictures. This is also great because you may use terms that people are unfamiliar with. This is a great way to show them what you mean instead of just telling them.

Video marketing is very popular as well, so if you can incorporate a video presentation for your product or service, you have a better chance at selling it. When I go to JV Zoo or Clickbank, I like to view a product’s site with a video instead of just reading a long sales letter. I believe sales letters will be things of the past pretty soon. It’s not to say they don’t work today, but one thing to keep in mind is don’t make it too long.

More and more people will buy something if they see an example of it in a video presentation. Make it interesting, be enthusiastic, and give it some flair. I will touch more on videos later in this article, but keep what I said in mind.

Use Certain Types of Graphics

One very popular type of graphic is an infographic. This type of graphic gives the reader a bunch of specific information in a very colorful way. I understand that you may not be the best at making the graphics, so this is a time when you will need to make a small investment. Other than that, if you want to try to make the graphic yourself, do some research on which colors work best.

There is actually a science to what colors attract certain people and also which gender prefers which color. Some colors compliment others, while some combinations of colors are hard on the eyes. Choose your colors carefully. The research has already been done for you, so you do not need to experiment here.

There is nothing worse than looking at a graphic that makes you want to look the other way. You really do not need to be an expert in what works however, but putting your best effort in creating these graphics will pay off in the end. Since you know your readers, more often than not, your readers will like the same colors. That is one reason they are your readers; they were attracted to your ad or site because of the colors and content.

Animated GIFs

It is not a bad idea to use an animated graphic or GIF. There are many creative ways you can incorporate this type. Animation has been around for a very long time, and when people see something moving, they will look at it. Of course, don’t fill you page with too many animated GIFs, or it may make people dizzy. A great GIF graphic to put on your site about your product is something with data where they can see how it has grown.

This is not a necessary thing, but it is worth exploring. Since the eye will focus on something moving on the screen, it is not a bad idea to include this graphic type.

Formatting your Content is Crucial

You want the content to be reader friendly. It is much easier to read information if you break it up into sections just like the article you are reading now. What I mean is, put a heading, make it bold, and then put your relevant content under it. It is also easier to find the information you want to go back to at a later time. People often skim the article for the points they think are most important to them, so formatting your information this way is a great idea.

Also, bullet points are great to use too. When you want to tell someone something in steps, it is best to have this written in bullet points. Any extra explanation you need to give can be written underneath the bullet point. For example, going back to the bell pepper product, you may want to display your findings in bullet points.

Plant A

  • Noise level was high
  • Light was bright
  • Watered Every day
  • Growth was 2 centimeters a day on average

So when people want to see something like this, they don’t want to read a whole paragraph explaining this information. Having your information in bullet points would be the easiest for the reader. Always think of how your reader may want to see the information. You will know this about your readers, so try to think like them.

Create graphics people want to share on Social Media

When you go on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, what catches your eye? For me, it is a graphic or picture someone shared. People often share pictures with a saying on it. Make this saying something people will agree with. Also, video is another thing people like to share. If you make graphics or videos to share, make a point that gets people to agree with it or laugh because it was humorous.

You do want the content to go viral. The more people share something, the more exposure your brand can get. You can also include backlinks on these images as well, but a word of caution: don’t include a link back to your site on every single image or video as you don’t want it to appear to be spam.

Make a Slide Show

Slide shows have been around since marketing has been around. This is nothing new and it is something that will not die out. is a very popular site with more than 70 million professionals using it. When you go on the site, you will see many slideshows that are colorful and eye-catching. With slideshows, you can include animated graphics, charts and graphs, and even animate the words. There are so many ways to use a slideshow; you can’t go wrong with it.

Keep in mind the color scheme, and don’t make it too long or too short. Remember, you know your readers better than anyone else. Give them something that will satisfy their information hunger.

If you don’t have ideas on how to put your slideshow presentation together, look for a template. There are so many creative minds out there that already have templates made up. Use their ideas to save time and hassle, but always make it your own.

Bring Content to Life with Video

I touched on making videos earlier, but now I want to go more in depth about it. Videos can be as creative as you want them to be. Sometimes a simple explainer video is great, while a more advanced, high quality video is needed. So when should you use a simple one and a more advanced video?

Simple videos can be used when you are just explaining a few key elements about your business. For instance, if you want to introduce your business, you don’t need to go in depth about it. You can simply say something like, “Hi, and welcome to (Your Brand) Solutions. We are a service company helping people find solutions.” That is just watered down, but you get the idea. You don’t really need it to be edited too much either.

More advanced videos can include content such as how to do something. You may need a bit of editing for this one and a few takes, but when it is all said and done, even if there are parts of the video that aren’t perfect, they can be edited together to make one awesome video!

For example, I saw a video on “How to make your own Moisturizer.” It was a simple video, yet it was filmed in pieces. First, they filmed the part where they showed a product. From that product they said they were going to make a moisturizer. Then they showed other ingredients. You had to melt the products together and then let them cool. This was all condensed in a three minute video.

After all the pieces were filmed, the sound on each one was cut out and a voiceover was added. Also, some parts were sped up to keep the video at three minutes of less. Then, a voiceover was created and had to match the person as they were doing the actions. It doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as the viewer would understand in the end how to make the moisturizer.

Other examples of videos to use for your content are tutorials. One of the top searches on sites like YouTube is tutorial videos. This is where you can shine because if you know how to do something that someone needs to know, creating a tutorial video will be one of the best ways to get people back to your site. You create the video, put a link to your site in the description, and if the viewer is interested, they will click on it.

Information Marketing Business from Start to Finish

Now I will give you a step by step method to create and maintain your business. At the end will be a checklist of items you can use to remind yourself of the steps and some items you may need to keep the business going.

First Step

The first thing you want to think about is your niche. So what about your niche? You know that many people may have the same niche, so there is competition going on. You need to make your particular business unique. Don’t worry about making it so unique that it is completely different from the rest.

People always say they are looking for creativity and uniqueness, but in reality they are looking for slight differences. Everyone thinks they have to re-invent the wheel, which is actually not true. From all my studies about marketing and learning from top online marketers, they will tell you it isn’t true as well.

This is a big advantage for you since you are the expert in your niche, you should know the details surrounding it and what makes people interested. As you are writing about a part of your niche, try to add one or two things that will make it different, teaching the reader something new about it that they never thought of before.

If you make it too different, you will lose the reader and they will be confused and leave your page. Remember this golden rule of marketing: “a confused mind will never buy.” Keep that in mind at all times and you will not write anything confusing. Also, never mislead the buyer and give them false information. They will eventually find out and you can also get into legal trouble.

Step Two: Get your potential customers to contact you.

There is no need to think that your information should be complete with no questions asked. That is pretty boring if I am reading something and I can’t ask a question about it because everything was right there. Make the content open ended so people will be encouraged to ask questions.

There are some dos and don’ts to this as well. Do put enough information there that readers are not questioning everything. Don’t make it so vague that people ask 100 questions or more and can be totally lost. You get the idea.

Put a contact form at the end of the content or a comment box depending on how open you want the conversations to be. If you want people to join your list and email them individually to answer their questions, then of course you will have a contact form that will send you an email.

If you want group discussions, then have a comment box that will show everyone’s questions and comments to the public. Lay down some ground rules as well to remind people of how they should act. Otherwise, conversations can get out of hand.

Step 3: Convert your Viewers into Subscribers

This is how you can build your relationships with the people who view your content. Encourage them to sign up to your list. Always give them some incentive to do so. One thing you can do is offer them a free gift. You should make this free gift with something interesting about the niche you are marketing.

You can also run contests. People LOVE competition, and it gets them really excited. For instance, going back to the bell pepper kit example, you can give one away for someone answering a correct question you ask. People love free stuff and will always be eager to participate. They will also be more likely to come back to see if you have any more contests.

Step 4: Convert your Subscribers into Buyers

This is one of the most important steps. This is where you will get your income to keep running your business. To get them to convert to your buyer, it is always best practice to offer them a discount on their first purchase. Maybe even offer them a percentage off for being a subscriber. Get creative with this as people do often change their minds on what they buy and the reason they buy it.

Keep the information coming and offer them a way to be your V.I.P. member. People love being important, so make them feel that way. Offer more of an incentive to encourage them to be on your V.I.P. List. Always make the product you are selling them high quality and valuable. This can keep them coming to you over and over again to buy your products.

Don’t try to sell to your subscribers every single day. When you are sending out messages, send out some that are general, such as a story about your day. When writing this story, don’t complete it as you want to give them reasons to come back and hear more.


Starting your own Information Marketing Business is a rewarding experience. Everyone is information hungry because the more you know will help you feel more intelligent. People love to feel as if they know something that someone else doesn’t know. There are those that love to talk and they want to be the “go-to” person.

There are also those people who love to learn and listen and take advice. Both types of people are people whom you want to be on your list. You want these people to come back to you time after time.

Remember, the best content to use in your Information Marketing Business is of course articles, pictures and graphics, slideshows, and videos. Most people are visual learners and will need the content to be something memorable. Keeping them interested is your main goal.


As I promised, I am providing you with a checklist so you can keep your business organized. This will help you in the end because you want your readers and potential customers to keep coming back for more.

  • Research your niche for all the information possible.
  • Test your findings – keep a journal.
  • Upon the conclusion of your study, write your content about it – maybe hire a freelance writer.
  • Make the content open ended so people ask questions and make comments
    • Make it easy to read and interesting.
  • Create your graphics, videos, and presentations – make sure the colors you use work well together.
    • You want people to share the content.
  • Include backlinks on your sharable pictures and videos (but not every single one).
  • Keep your buyers happy and coming back for more.
  • Rinse and repeat.

As always, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and good luck starting your own business!

How to Start a Business Giving Away other People’s Services

| January 12, 2016 | 0 Comments

Imagine walking into a business, offering to double their sales, and then explaining that the way you’re going to do this is to GIVE AWAY their product or service.

Crazy, right? Yet this is exactly what you’ll do.

First, you make a list of businesses in which this technique will work. Good ones are yoga studios, exercise classes, gyms, martial arts studios, personal trainers and so forth. This also works in just about any type of ongoing class, such as crafts, sewing, do it yourself, music lessons, etc. And there are other business that can use this technique as well.

For this example, let’s say you approach a martial arts studio. The business is doing alright, but could use an influx of new customers. You offer to greatly increase their business with a very minimal outlay of cash – maybe $100. You then negotiate a percentage of all new business they bring in.

Once you have your agreement, use the $100 to print up very nice looking certificates or cards offering 2 free weeks of lessons. These certificates or cards should look professional, as if the giver might have purchased it for the recipient.

The business owner then gives the cards or certificates to all of their customers to give out to their friends. New people come to the studio and get their two weeks of free lessons. From these, typically about half to two thirds will sign up to become paid members.

Why this works: Current clients will give the certificates to the friends they think are most likely to appreciate it. When a person gets one of these certificates from their friend, they feel almost obligated to try it out. And since they already know someone who goes to this place of business and likes it, they feel comfortable trying it out.

Once they get their free two weeks of lessons, they feel another obligation to sign up because of the law of reciprocity. So if the instructor did a good job of teaching and asking them to join, they are very likely to do so.

Plus, it really doesn’t take that much more effort to teach a class of say, 10 people than it does to teach 5 people. It’s still the same length of time and the same instruction. So really the business owner is getting new clients with very little time or money invested.

This technique is almost too easy. You can even pay for the certificates yourself, taking ALL of the perceived risk away from the business owner. And for just a couple of hours work on your part contacting the business and creating the certificates, you can earn yourself a very nice payday. For example, if a studio charges $50 a month, and people sign a 12 month contract, that’s $600. If your commission is, say, 30%, then you’re earning $180 on each new member. Multiply that by the number of members signed up using this technique, and you’ve got a nice payday.

And this method can be used over and over again by the same businesses, too. Meaning you can actually get paid more than once for the work you do.

This is an excellent little side business that could potentially earn you a full time income.

The Simple 5 Step Formula that can Take Almost ANYONE from Zero to 6 Figures in Internet Marketing

| January 10, 2016 | 0 Comments

You’ve seen this done time and again, yet you probably didn’t recognize what was happening. In fact, this is an almost foolproof method for making six figures in the IM niche. And while it’s been done over and over again for the last 15-20 years, it is just as effective today as when the first marketer accidentally stumbled on this system.

Four things you should know about this system:

  • There is work involved – no pushbuttons here, sorry.
  • It works just about every time if you follow all the steps.
  • Step #2 is the hardest. Once you get past this, you’re golden.
  • It doesn’t translate as well into other niches – it works best in IM.

We’ll cover each step in more detail in a moment, but here’s how it works in brief:

  1. Pick something you want to do within the IM world. You’re going to be spending a lot of time on this and become an expert at it, so choose something you enjoy. But don’t sweat it when I say “a lot of time.” This isn’t a four year college education – more like a two to three month crash course. If that.
  1. Do the thing. Whatever it is, just do it. Whether it’s becoming a Facebook advertising pro, producing and selling WordPress plugins, making YouTube videos that generate sales, etc., just do it.
  1. Make the course that shows how you do what you do, and how you get the results you get.
  1. If possible, automate it. Make the software that does what you do, or makes it easier to do what you do. If you can’t make a software for it, then create a service to perform the task. This will make more sense in a moment.
  1. Provide your customers and clients with personal one-on-one or conference call mentoring.

That’s it. If you’re thinking this sounds too simple, then think again. Remember the many offers and campaigns you’ve received in Internet Marketing. How were they structured? Usually, somebody learned how to do something well, got good results, and sold a course on it. Then there was an upsell for software, or they offered to do the service for you. And for a hefty sum, they would even teach you one on one how to do what they do.

See? It works. It’s been working. It’s been out there for all to see in plain sight, yet most people look right past the goose that lays golden eggs, looking for who knows what instead.

So let’s get started.

Step 1: Pick something you want to do within the IM world.

This can be almost anything that others will want to know how to do. Remember, others want to make money in IM, so whatever you choose should help them with that end goal, even if it doesn’t directly pay them.

For example, maybe you’re an expert on getting massive amounts of leads using a particular social network. This is exactly the kind of thing people will pay to learn. Or perhaps you know how to make videos that sell products like hotcakes. Again, people desperately want to know this.

If you’re completely stymied on what to choose, spend an afternoon browsing the Warrior Forum for ideas. Make a list, and choose something within 24 hours. Giving yourself a deadline helps get you to the next step.

Step 2: Do the thing.

Get a course or two that will help you. But don’t get bogged down in the research phase. Instead, get started as soon as possible. Knowledge that you gain from ‘doing’ is worth far more than what you gain by reading, because you then own that knowledge. You forget stuff you read – you don’t forget stuff you do.

Make notes. Write down what you do and whether or not it works. Your mistakes are just as helpful as your successes, because you’ll want to teach not only what to do, but also what pitfalls to avoid.

Do the thing until you are good at it. How do you know when you’re good? When you’re getting the results you seek – or better yet, when you’re getting the results your future customers will want.

I know I already said it, but it bears repeating – TAKE NOTES. The more notes you take as you are learning, the easier the remaining steps will be.

If you get stuck, ask someone for help. Find someone who is already good at what you are learning, and just ask. If they won’t help you, find someone else. But don’t be a pest. You should be able to figure most things out either by yourself, or by using the information you gleaned from the books or courses you bought.

Step 3: Make the course that shows how you do what you do, and how you get the results you get.

This is where your notes will come in handy, because you’ve already got much of the material you need to create your course. Record some videos of you doing what you do, write a manual to go with it, and sell it. Congratulations, you are now a bonafide expert!

If you’re unsure of how to put your course together, simply make an outline of what it is that you do to get the results you get. Step by step, as in: What’s the very first thing you do? The second? And so forth. Keep it simple to follow, add plenty of relevant details, and also tell them what to watch out for and what not to do.

IMPORTANT: You might want to consider making TWO courses – one that is basic and a second that is more advanced. This way you can sell the basic course for a low price, and then upsell to the advanced course for more money. Some customers will be happy just learning the basics, while others will be willing to pay more to get the advanced version, too.

Step 4: If possible, automate it. Otherwise, create a service.

This is an either / or kind of step, and which one you do depends of course on what it is that you are doing. If there is a way to use software to automate a portion of the process you’re teaching, then pay a coder to create the software for you. Being able to sell software to automate the process can easily double and triple the revenue you get from selling the course(s).

On the other hand, if there is no way that software can be used to automate the process, then consider offering a done-for-you type of service. In the beginning you can literally do whatever it is that you do for your customers, so they don’t have to. But when you start getting too many orders, be prepared to outsource the work to someone else.

Truth be told, most people are lazy. Thus, most people would rather pay someone to do the service for them, rather than perform it themselves. And it’s not difficult to find people to outsource the work to. You will of course have to train them, but once you do it becomes a simple matter of handing them the work and then giving the finished product to your customers.

Note: There is a third option that will sometimes be applicable, other than creating software or doing the service for the customer. And that’s to create templates. It might be video templates, sales letter templates, web page templates, etc. This option will only sometimes work, but it’s also another possibility to bring in more sales and more revenue.

Step 5: Provide your customers and clients with personal one-on-one or conference call mentoring.

Until now you’ve likely been making GOOD money, but here’s where it gets even better. A small portion of your buyers will want the ‘full monty.’ That is, they want YOU, the expert, to show them how it’s done. This can be through group conference calls or one on one. The one on one pays far more, by the way, but you are limited as far as the amount of time you can spend on this.

And you can in fact offer both. Group coaching for maybe $100-200 a month, or persona one on one coaching for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on your market.

Tips to make this system even more powerful:

  1. Make sure you get your own proprietary knowledge. This might be things you discover on your own. It could be new ideas that you apply to your system of doing things, or entirely new systems or methods. Bottom line, you don’t want to simply teach a rehash of what others are doing. You want to teach something no one else is teaching. That said, it does not need to be radically new or different. Little changes and improvements are all you need.
  1. Create your own language. When you develop a new method or add your own ideas to the mix, also come up with your own terminology. Anyone might be able to teach advertising on Facebook, but only you can teach the “Forbidden Five Finger Facebook Method.”
  1. Don’t be afraid to take the leap from step #2 to step #3. Some marketers are afraid to declare themselves expert enough to teach. “If I just work at this another month, or just learn another technique, THEN I’ll be ready to teach.” Don’t fall into this trap. When you’re getting the results you seek, you are ready to teach. Period.
  1. Look for hidden side opportunities. If you’re teaching a great method for turning Facebook traffic into sales, you can also teach how to get Facebook traffic. If you’re teaching how to sell WordPress plugins, you can expand this to teaching how to brainstorm great ideas for WordPress plugins and get the created for cheap.
  1. Pay attention to all the little details. When you get good at something, you tend to take the details for granted because you do them without thinking. But someone new wants to know these details.
  1. Save your best stuff for your one on one mentoring clients. That’s right – don’t teach your best techniques to customers who only buy your course. Definitely give them their money’s worth and a whole lot more, but hold something back just for your best customers. Otherwise, why are they paying you so much money?
  1. Use Skype for your one on one mentoring clients. Give them the special attention they deserve for spending so much money with you. Work with them to make them successful. But don’t do the work for them, unless that’s what they’re paying you for. They will get far more value if they learn how to do it themselves than if you do it for them.
  1. Be available to your one on one clients via email. You will likely only speak to them once a week on Skype, but they will have questions though out the week. Let them email you, and be sure to answer their questions promptly.
  1. Let your one on one clients know in advance when you are available to answer email questions. If you are only available Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm, let them know. This way they don’t get upset if they email you Friday morning and you don’t answer until Monday.
  1. Grow. Whatever it is that you’re teaching, here’s what’s going to happen. New developments will be made. New software, new websites, new techniques, new challenges, etc. The web is always changing. All you have to do now is keep abreast of the changes and always be on the lookout for ways to improve what you’re doing. This means you can update your course and sell it again. You can update your software or your service and continue to sell it. You can update your coaching and continue to offer it.
  1. Grow some more. More and more people will be entering the IM niche; people who need your help. So the course you sold this month can still be sold next month and next year and five years from now, as long as you keep it up to date.
  1. Grow even more. Want to double your income? Do the entire process over again in another IM niche. You can always outsource the coaching to your best students, thus freeing you up to do this process as many times as you like. The only limits with this system are those that you place on yourself.

Don’t blow this formula off. Sure, you can continue looking for that mythical pushbutton system. They’re as common as unicorns. Or you can build a REAL business, which is exactly what this is.

Again, watch closely to see what the big IM marketers are doing, and you will see this formula in action. Why? Because it flat out works.


$100,000 Per Year From Webinars You DON’T Do

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A lot of marketers do NOT like the idea of sitting on a webinar for an hour, covering a lot of information and trying to sell to several hundred people. In fact, it terrifies some people as much as getting up in front of a crowded room to speak.

But there is a way you can make terrific money from webinars without actually doing the webinars yourself. And there is no limit to how much you can make, since you can do this multiple times and then add a twist that can literally double or possibly even triple your money. (We’ll cover this in a moment.)

It’s important to realize that by using this exact system, marketers have been making six figure incomes for at least 15 years. In fact most of the big marketers do this, as well as many smaller, part time marketers just looking to make extra money.

The time investment is relatively small. In fact you could spend 10 hours a week on this and do really, really well.

First, let’s give the basic outline of how this works: You’re going to need a responsive list of decent size. If you don’t have one yet, set this technique aside until you do because you won’t want to miss out on what is basically “free” money – that is, money you earn for someone else’s efforts.

And if you don’t yet have a list, do not be discouraged. Learning this technique may be just what you need to finally start building that list of yours, and building it fast, too. Imagine if in the next two months you built a decent sized, responsive list. You could then begin using this system with great success.

And if you already have a list, you’re going to kick yourself for not having discovered this sooner, because you have lost a lot of money by not doing this.

Your primary job in this system is to have a responsive list. That’s it. Have a responsive list and your work is already 90% done. By responsive, we mean that you should be able to get at least 200 people on a webinar. The more the better, but 200 is an excellent starting point. Even 100 can be good, depending on the niche, but 200 is your initial goal.

[When the day comes that you can get 1,000 people on a live webinar, you will be luckily wondering what to do with all your money ;-) ]

Alright, here’s the other 10% of what you’ll be doing:

Find other marketers who meet both of these criteria:

    1. Have a product to sell with a nice fat affiliate commission. Not a $10 product – something that makes real money, like a $97 product, a $497 product, or a $50 a month membership.

NOTE: This has to be a product your list will want to buy – don’t try to sell gardening advice to hunters.

    1. Do live webinars promoting their product.

There are tons of these folks out there, especially in the Internet marketing world. But regardless of what niche or niches you’re in, you’ll find them.

Contact them. Okay, I better tell you now – this is an EASY contact. You’re not asking them for a favor. Rather, you’re offering to do THEM a favor. YOU have the list. They have the product they want to sell. It’s a match made in heaven and most (9 out of 10) product owners who do webinars will jump on this. So don’t be nervous or scared to contact them – they are eager to hear from you.

Tell them you can get “X” number of people on a webinar with them if they would like to promote their product. All you want? Is a 50% commission (or whatever you negotiate.)

Make a note here: This works best if the product is EVERGREEN. That is, the product is something that will sell today, six months from now, and even a year from now. This comes into play later, when you set out to double or even triple your profits.

Let the product owner know that you’re not thrilled about doing webinars yourself, so you’re just going to introduce him or her and then let them take over on the call. Frankly, most marketers who do webinars PREFER this anyway, since they don’t know you and don’t know if you’ll be an asset or a liability on the call. They would rather be on the call alone so they can control the entire process, from presentation to selling.

Your webinar partner will probably want to set the whole thing up, going through their GoToWebinar account. They’ll have control of the webinar, but they can hand control of it over to you remotely if you need that. And they’ll want to run the sign-ups through their system so they get the opt-ins.

That’s alright – don’t quibble about this because it’s part of why they’re doing it. Yes, they want to make the sales, but they also want the opt-ins – that’s why they so quickly say ‘yes.’

Have them set up the product so that you are the affiliate. They will then give out your affiliate link at the end of the webinar. Usually it’s a page that says, “Exclusive offer for YOURNAME’s subscribers.”

Once this is set up, you mail your list and give them the time of the webinar, along with why they should be there. Odds are your partner already has an email series to give you, but if not, remember to focus on what attendees will discover from being on the webinar. One BIG HUMONGOUS benefit works best, but several smaller ones can be as effective.

Be sure to email your list several times, because the more who attend, the better for you. Yes, it’s okay to pester your list – remember, they are getting FREE VALUABLE INFO from the webinar.

Which brings up a point – never partner with someone who will spend the entire webinar selling. If you do, you’ll just piss off your list and they won’t attend any of your webinars in the future. Instead, make sure your partner is giving away VALUABLE information that your list can use. This way even if they don’t buy the product, they are happy they were on the webinar and you look like a star. Plus they’re much more likely to attend the next webinar as well.

When it’s time for the webinar, get on early. Welcome your guests if you like. Then introduce your partner. Odds are your partner will have something already written out for you to say. Yes, you might be nervous, but all you have to do is make the introduction and you’re basically done.

Then you can just sit back and listen to the webinar. Do not leave the webinar, just in case your partner asks you a question. Odds are they won’t, but it’s good to be ready if you’re needed.

Your partner does the webinar, gives the sales pitch for the product, directs them to your affiliate page, and you both make money.

Nice, right?

But this is only half the story. Yes, there’s more. Remember when we said you could double or perhaps even triple what you make on the live webinars? Here’s how you do it:

Each time you do one of these webinars, you’re going to upload the webinars and then promote the replays through your autoresponder series.

If you’re clever, you can use the fancy software that makes it look like a live webinar. Or you can simply put the replay up on a page of its own, with a buy button. Make sure you really sell the viewer on WHY they should watch the webinar.

Then advertise the webinars any way you choose, but especially through email to your readers.

Anyone new who comes to your list will be offered the replays, one by one. And anyone already on your list can be offered the replays as well. Just because they weren’t interested or didn’t have time to watch the webinar in June doesn’t mean they won’t be interest in October. Many times it is simply a matter of timing – making the webinar available when the time is right for them.

You can even use these webinars to further build your list. Offer them via squeeze pages – a person opts in to watch the webinar. Some new subscribers will buy the product, which means you have a self-liquidating list building system even if you’re buying traffic.

There are so many variations on this, that you’ll find it’s easy to list build AND make money AND build relationships with product owners in your niche all at the same time.

Speaking of relationships – you invite Fred to do a webinar to your list. It goes well and Fred is happy. A month later Fred contacts you and says he’s got a new product with a new webinar – are you interested? That’s right – it doesn’t take long before product owners are contacting YOU and asking if they can do a free webinar to your list.

Want to make even MORE money? List build in multiple niches. There is no reason why you can’t – for example – list build in the Internet Marketing niche, the dating niche and the weight loss niche simultaneously.

This way you can have three times the number of webinars going on at once, and three times the number of replays, too. And again, all you’re really doing is list building. You’re not creating products, you’re not creating the sales funnels and you’re not holding webinars. What you are doing is making some serious money and some terrific contacts in the business.

Here’s a little side benefit of doing this – remember, all you do on these webinars is make the introduction. But after awhile, when you’ve done enough of these introductions and listened to enough of these webinars, a funny thing happens: You get over your fear.

You start realizing that YOU can do a webinar yourself. When the time comes that you create your own product, you can now sell your product via webinar to your own list and to anyone else’s list for that matter.

And when you’re selling to other people’s lists via webinar, you are also simultaneously list building. Remember when your partner set up the webinar so they would capture the opt-ins? Now YOU can set up the webinars you hold with list owners and capture THEIR opt-ins.

When you do this, you’ll not only get the email addresses of everyone who shows up to the webinar – you’ll also get the email addresses of those who sign up but don’t show up, which tends to be double the number of attendees.

So if you got 300 people to show, you probably had 600 sign up. That’s 600 people added to your email list practically overnight. Do this once a week and that’s 30,000 new people on your list EVERY YEAR with very little effort on your part.

Do you see how powerful this will be?

But don’t worry, you’re not going to be holding your own webinars for awhile. For now, just focus on getting a good, responsive list, and setting up these partnerships. That’s all you have to do for now. The rest will come as you gain more and more confidence and experience.

Talk about the perfect business for a new marketer. I don’t know if you realize the power of this system, or the potential, but it’s huge. Like we alluded to in the beginning, marketers have been making terrific money from this for at least the last 15 years.

And we don’t just mean big time marketers. Even little ones have astonished themselves with how easy this is to do and how profitable it can be.

So don’t wait. If you have a list already, congrats, you are 90% of the way there. Now start contacting product owners who do webinars.

If you don’t have a list – seriously, what are you waiting for? Get list building NOW and in a couple of months you can be sending out emails to your list promoting your latest webinar.

Don’t wait. Don’t put this off. Figure out what your first step is and get started today. You’ll be thrilled you did.

Teaching Internet Marketing to Local Newbies? Heck Yeah!

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Teaching Internet Marketing to Local Newbies?

Heck Yeah!

Here’s a business I’ve seen done and it’s surprisingly profitable in the long run. I’m talking about making $60,000 in a weekend, with maybe $40,000 to $50,000 after all expenses (give or take, your results will no doubt vary.)

In a nutshell, it’s putting on weekend seminars for local people who want to make extra money by starting an online business of their own.

In other words, newbies who don’t know much of anything about Internet marketing but are looking for more income and a good deal of guidance and help to get them started.

If you get 30 people to attend at $2,000 apiece, that’s $60,000. Not bad for two or three days of work, and you can repeat the process as often as you like.

The first step is of course to target people locally. What “local” will mean depends on where you live. If you live in a smallish country, then your entire country could be considered local for this purpose. If you live somewhere larger like the United States, then local might be your state or your area, such as New England.

The point of being ‘local’ is two-fold. First, people don’t have to travel far to attend your seminar. In fast most of them can drive to your seminar’s location in a day or less.

Secondly, there’s an added trust when the person you’re dealing with is from your own area or country, rather than someone from halfway across the globe.

To target people locally, you can of course use things like Craigslist and newspapers. But frankly advertising through sites like Facebook that can target exactly who you want in the locations you specify is probably the way to go, especially if you want to get this off the ground quickly.

Target anyone looking to make extra money online who lives in the geographic location of your choice. Choose a URL that reflects the location, such as NewEnglandInternetMarketing or SpainOnlineBusiness.

Warm up your list by giving them information to get them started, while simultaneously prepping them for your seminar. Remember, you are targeting new marketers, not seasoned pros. This is important.

For your seminar, you’ll be taking them from ground zero to having a business. This means you cover everything – getting a URL, hosting, niche and keyword research, autoresponders, payment systems, affiliate programs and affiliate marketing, etc.

You’ll also advertise that by the time they leave the seminar, they will have a URL, hosting, a beginning website, etc. And if want you can choose to pay for all of it yourself, so that none of it will cost them a penny more.

You can do this pretty cheaply, too. You’re simply paying for their hosting for a year which will include a URL, access to plugins they need, etc. You can get great deals on these things in bulk.

You will want to have an assistant or two on hand to help them or even set things up for them. This is to be truly turn-key for your attendees, which is the biggest selling point: In one incredible weekend they have their own online business.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth it for the attendees, the answer is a resounding YES. You are giving them a crash course on everything you have learned over the years the hard way. Frankly, they are getting their money’s worth and then some.

Add a healthy dash of motivation to the course to get them fired up in your seminar as well. You’ll want to video record testimonials from the attendees to post online when you offer your next seminar. And you want everyone to walk away super happy and pumped up that they attended.

Now you might be wondering – where are you going to get all the materials to use in teaching your seminar? And the answer will surprise you – use PLR. That’s right. There are tons of good quality PLR products out there on everything a person needs to know to get started online.

You might be skeptical, but do a search online and you’ll see that you can get a quality PLR course that teaches all the basics for less than a hundred dollars. If nothing else, this gives you a great outline to follow. Or if you buy a video course, you can show a video, talk about it and take questions, show the next video, etc.

And all while you are teaching, your attendees are also following the steps and building their business.

Frankly, anyone with a basic knowledge of online marketing can do this and make a lot of money.

Sure, it’s always tempting to follow the next innovative thing. But teaching newcomers the basics of online marketing is a tried and true method that will likely always work, because new people are wanting to start a business all the time.

And by offering your seminars locally, you build trust while removing the dreaded cost and time and aggravation of flying. Plus many of your attendees won’t even need a hotel room if they live less than a couple of hours away, which is another incentive for them to say yes.

Choose venues that look nice but aren’t ridiculously priced. Include a light lunch if you like. Consider holding your seminars in more than one city to give them a choice of locations. And rinse and repeat as often as you like.

You might be thinking this is beyond you. It’s not. Go do a search right now for PLR. Then if you haven’t already learned how to advertise on Facebook, do some research on that. You’ll see that you can in fact do this.

And if you start right now, you can be holding your first seminar in just a few weeks from now. Even if you only do one seminar every 2-3 months, that can mean a very nice part time income for you.

How to Start a Quarter Million Dollar Business Part Time

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Did you know that you can start and build an online physical products business via Amazon? It’s called Fulfilled by Amazon, or FBA, and a lot of people are doing it.

By selling products through Amazon, you don’t need a warehouse. You don’t need staff. You can import nearly anything or sell products made in your own country. And you can sell nearly anywhere in the world.

You either send your products to Amazon yourself, or have your supplier send them for you. Amazon puts them in stock and when a customer buys, Amazon does the shipping for you.

By using FBA your items qualify for Prime service which is a huge selling point. Amazon customers can literally buy your product with one click and have it arrive on their doorstep in two days. Prime members heavily outspend non-prime members, so this is a huge benefit.

You look like Amazon to the customer. And if there are delivery issues, Amazon takes care of it for you.

One thing to keep in mind as you build your FBA business is this: What will make you more money than anything else is fulfilling a demand that already exists, not trying to create demand. In other words, sell what people want, not what you think they should want.

And you don’t need to sell hundreds of products to build a business on Amazon. You can start with just one product and expand from there. Just a handful of the right products can produce a full time income.

Let’s say you have just 10 products and you make an average profit of $5 per product. If you sell just 2 of each product each day, that’s $3,000 per month. And all you did was choose and source the products, get them shipped and create listings.

Like anything else, when starting your own FBA business, you can focus on your lack of experience or you can focus on the potential. The key is to start small, reinvest your profits and work your way up.

Look at it this way – why put your money in the bank at 3% when you can invest it into products to sell on Amazon and make a much greater return?

Remember, the key is to go where the fish are. You’re going to fulfill demand that already exists, not try to create it. When you do this you eliminate the risk and ensure you make profit.

So the basic strategy is this:

  • Choose a niche to focus on.
  • Find a product that’s in demand.
  • Get a sample to ensure it’s a good product.
  • Place a trial order and list it in Amazon.

Not too difficult, right?

Here are tips to get you off to a great start:

Choose a niche you enjoy that has a lot of products. Cooking utensils, kitchen ware, cosmetics, personal care products, essential oils… the list goes on and on. The reason to choose one niche with lots of products is two-fold:

First, you can actually develop a list for your niche and do your own promotions. Second, you might want to consider private labeling…

Get into private labeling. Private labeling is much like PLR: You take something that someone else created and put your own name on it. In the case of essential oils, it’s the same oil, but you’ve had the manufacturer place your brand label on it. This is a method that makes you stand apart from the competition. You can then create your own website for your brand, build a list, do promotions, etc. There is a lot more money to be made in private labeling if you’re willing to go the extra mile to do it.

Even if you private label, you might still want to carry the brand names. Suppose an Amazon customer types in, “Vanilla essential oil” and the top three results are all yours – do you stand a good chance of making a sale? You bet! One of those results will hopefully be your private label oil, while the other two could be established brands that you carry. You might make $10 on your own oil and only $1 on the brands, but it’s still worth it. If you sold 1,000 units of the brand name, you made $1,000. And all you did was order it and have it shipped to Amazon.

Forget top selling items. Everyone wants to sell the top selling items, and they all end up competing against each other for pennies of profit. Don’t do it.

Look for the holes. Do your research on Amazon before choosing a product. If there are 30 sellers of a product and they’re all on Prime, forget about it. But maybe there’s only a couple of sellers and they’re not on Prime. That is, they are doing the shipping themselves. This could be a good product to carry because Prime customers will choose your product over theirs because they can have yours in 2 days.

Look everywhere for ideas. I went on vacation recently and noticed some really cool totes and mugs in the gift shop. Right there in the store I searched Amazon and couldn’t find them. So I bought a tote and a mug and contacted both companies to see about getting their products.

Go with what you know. If you start in a niche that you already know a lot about, you will be well ahead of the game.

It’s better to start with 3 each of 50 products, than 150 of one product. No matter how much research you do, you can’t predict everything. So if you get a lot of different items up on Amazon, you can see what sells fast and what sells slow. Then get a lot more of the fast sellers on there. Rinse and repeat.

Spend as much time sourcing suppliers as you do choosing products. The right supplier can make all the difference. You want one that has quality products, offers a wide range of products in your chosen niche, and lets you test many different products. Find the right supplier and for the first six months or so on FBA, this could be the only supplier you need.

You can test before you sell. Some sellers do this, some don’t, but here’s how it works: Put up a listing for a product you don’t even have yet. If it sells, buy one from someone else and have it sent to the customer. This is a way to test with no money out of pocket and no waiting time to get the product ordered and shipped to Amazon.

Amazon arbitrage – see the testing method above. Believe it or not, it is possible to actually MAKE money doing this. Generally it involves going to the supplier website and placing the customer’s information in the ‘ship to’ portion of the order, with you as the billing address. You won’t get rich, but it’s cool you can sometimes make money testing products.

Find the obscure items on Amazon. Click the links that say, “This item is suggested to you” and just keep going deeper and deeper until you find products and product ideas that are a good fit.

Use Reddit for research. Go into Subreddits and ask what they have to buy for their hobby that is overpriced or doesn’t exactly do what they want. Ask what they would like to have and can’t find. Just ask lots of questions about what they want and you’ll get some great ideas.

Choose products that sell for $20 or more. The higher the price, the more room for profit.

Don’t sell electronics. The problem with electronics is there aren’t many manufactures that can build electronics both cheaply and with high quality. Things break, you get bad reviews and customer complaints, and now you’ve got problems. Plus electronics are highly competitive and dominated by a few really big brand names. Instead, choose products with as few moving parts as possible.

Make your listings enticing. Listings are like mini-sales letters and can make or break your sales, so invest some time getting them right.

Send a message through Amazon to your product buyers. Ask them if they’re delighted with their purchase. If they’re not, let them know they can contact you. If they are, ask them to write a review, because reviews equal sales.

Sell on Ebay and fulfill through Amazon. You can do Ebay auctions for your items, and then have the item shipped from Amazon to the Ebay winner. I know one FBA seller who doubles his business with this technique alone.

Even if you don’t private label merchandise now, consider doing it soon. Eventually Amazon is going to have deals with every manufacturer out there, eliminating a lot of the profit from the FBA program. Think about it – every third party seller on Amazon is doing research for Amazon. Amazon gets the stats on what sells the best, then contacts the manufacturers. So it’s not like the FBA train will be profitable forever. It’s an open window right now where you can make good money, but in 10 years? Who knows. That window may have closed. But if you have your own private label line, then Amazon cannot come between you and your private label customers.

Don’t waste time when you private label. When it comes to private labeling, quickly choose a name that sounds professional and catchy. Get a website up and go to Fiverr to get someone to do the logo. In one afternoon you can get all of this done. If you take 3 months to do it, you’ve just lost 3 months’ worth of sales.

Where do you source products? The number one place to look is Alibaba, which is sort of like a directory of manufactures and their products.

Amazon has developed a simple, easy to use platform for customers as well as FBA partners. People looking for products go to Amazon first and in much higher numbers than they do to a search engine. And Amazon’s reach just keeps getting bigger. You, too, can carve out a slice of the pie for yourself, and you can do it working from anywhere in the world.

Remember, start small and reinvest your profits. There are FBA sellers selling six figures worth of products per year and even per month. You could be the next one to join their ranks.

How to Make Money Giving Away Reports

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Here’s a case study from someone who is running a very part time business, yet earning approximately $5K per month.

This is in the online marketing / internet marketing niche, and it’s simple enough that most anyone can do it, with or without experience.

First, find PLR software. This might take some research since it’s much easier to find video PLR and ebook PLR, but it’s out there. Make sure it’s good quality stuff, because you’ll be putting your reputation behind it.

Why PLR software and not PLR ebooks or videos? Because software has a higher perceived value. Thus, you can charge more, needing fewer sales to reach your income goals.

When you find a quality piece of PLR software, buy the rights. Rename it and give it a new cover. You want to make the software look unique, so buyers can’t find it elsewhere.

Write a report. This is the trick: Your report is going to focus on the many benefits this software can bring. For example, let’s say you have a piece of software that makes it easy to build a list. Your report will talk about the many benefits of having a list; how a person can send an email and make money, how they can do it from anywhere, how they can travel the world and still make money with their list, etc. You’re not writing so much about list building as you are the many benefits of having a list. Make the report really speak to the reader, so that by the end they are super motivated to build a list. But instead of telling them how to build a list, you’re going to make it easy for them by offering your software, which does most of the work for them.

This is where people tend to get this business model wrong: They talk about all the steps to list building, then offer the software to make it easier. But you’re not selling software, you’re selling the dream. And people will reach for their wallets much faster when you show them how to get their dream life, versus how they can save some time in list building.

See the difference?

Now give your report away in exchange for email addresses. This way you are building a list of potential software buyers and software buyers. Every couple of weeks, repeat the process to add to your list and to make more sales.

Each report you write is like an ambassador, bringing you new subscribers and new sales. After a few months you should have a dozen or more reports circulating, bringing you customers and sales.

How to Make Double Profits While Others Build Your List of Buyers for You

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You can begin this one by doing the work yourself, and then outsource it to ramp up your profits.

Here’s how it works: In the online marketing / internet marketing niche, create a course. It’s not hard to do this – you can simply buy other courses and take the best of the best info from each and rewrite it in your own words. Or better yet, develop a course based upon your own experience.

Once you have your course, sell it to end users for whatever price you choose. Let’s say you sell it for $37, and you sell 200 copies – that’s $7400. Not bad. If you use affiliates you can probably do a lot better.

But it doesn’t end there. This next step is one that few marketers take, yet it can result in much, much greater profits.

You’re going to offer reseller rights to your course. That is, your buyers can pay you to resell your course. This isn’t Master Resale rights, because they can only sell the course as is to the end user, keeping your name on the course. And it’s not PLR – again, they can only sell it as it is.

You can also offer resell rights to non-buyers as well – it’s up to you.

Let’s say you sell resell rights to 50 people for $97 at apiece – that’s nearly $5,000 more in profits.

Here’s the trick to selling the resell rights – LIMIT the number sold. This way buyers have to make a decision rather than putting it off, AND it’s much more enticing to own the rights if only a limited number of people have them. Don’t worry about saturation – most people who buy resale rights never actually get around to using them.

And be sure to emphasize that as a reseller they get to keep ALL of the profits, straight into their Paypal account. This means they can recoup their cost quite quickly and get into profit in no time.

You can either allow resellers to sell straight from your website or their own. In either case, be sure to capture the email addresses of the buyers. If it’s being sold from your own website, it’s easy. If not, put something inside the course to entice buyers to immediately join your list.

Now then, once you get good at this, you can outsource the course building. Let’s say you pay $2,000 to build a course, and as in the above scenario you make $12,000. This leaves you with a $10,000 profit.

Rinse and repeat as often as you like!

Unbelievably Simple Business

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Okay, this is something that your teenagers can do, and so can your Grandmother once you set it up for her. Yes, it’s that simple.

The basic premise is this: You advertise that you’ll set up websites for people for free. Yes, for FREE. As you can imagine, you’ll get a good response with this offer. And by the way, you pay nothing for the advertising.

Your prospects agree to get their hosting through your link in return for their free site. They’re going to need hosting anyway, so why shouldn’t they get a free site out of the deal?

They pay as little as $4 for their first month of hosting.

You pay someone $5-$10 from Fiverr to set up their site, or if you prefer you can do it yourself. It’s easy, so why not?

You collect $70-$150 or more in commission from the hosting company.

That’s it. Seriously, it’s that simple. I know you’re thinking there must be more to it, or maybe there’s a catch, but it really is that easy.

Here are the details:

You’ll need a small site of your own. If you don’t know how to set one up, pay the $5-10 to a Fiverr person to do it for you. If you want to learn how to do it, Google “WordPress tutorial” and you’ll discover everything you need to know.

Place a few articles on your site about the importance of having a site and how you’ll do it for them for free. Or simply write a sales letter that says the same thing.

Sign up with a hosting company as an affiliate.

Do your research – you’re looking for a good company that pays big commissions. Here are several to consider, but choose whatever company is right for you. Please check their websites for the latest info and commission structures:

Arvixe Hosting $70-$135 per sale

Bluehost $65 per sale

Dreamhost $97 per sale

FatCow $100 per sale

Hostgator $50-$125 per sale

Hostmonster $65 per sale

InMotion Hosting $75-$125 per sale

iPage $105 per sale

Siteground $50-$125 per sale

WebHostingHub $100 per sale

WebHostingPad $75 per sale

WPEngine $150+ per sale

Your offer is simple: You will build simple site for your customer when they sign up for hosting through you. That’s it. If they want a more complicated site, you’re happy to discuss the details and strike a deal for that as well. Remember, you can always outsource some or all of the actual work.

Now all you need is traffic. The first place to advertise is of course Craigslist. Keep in mind that Craigslist does have certain restrictions to how many times you can post the same ad in different geographical areas, so you’ll need to be aware of this and work accordingly.

The second place to advertise is Backpage, because they have no such restrictions. You can post in hundreds of cities in a day and they won’t bat an eyelash at you.

In Backpage, look for the biz opps section under services and post your ad there.

Your ad can read something like…

Free Website Creation for You”

I will create your website for you, 100% free. You pay nothing, I set everything up, I add the plugins you will need, and it all looks completely professional. All you pay for is hosting which is $7 a month (or whatever) through the link we will provide, and a $9 domain. Remember, you need hosting and a domain name for your website to go live on the Internet. You do not need anything else but your own content, which we can provide for an additional fee if you choose. Click here for more info and to sign up.

NOTE: Some hosting companies provide the domain name. If the company you choose does this, then reword your ad accordingly, since it will save them even more money.

Obviously you’ll want to write more than that, but you get the idea. Test and tweak to get it converting as high as possible.

Another place to advertise is Facebook. Join groups of people who aspire to have their own online business and let them know about your free service. You can send them to a squeeze page to get more details, or have them send a friend request and PM for details, or link directly to your offer.

And of course you can advertise on appropriate forums such as Warrior, member sites such as IBOToolBox, and any social networks you choose.

Could this be any easier? Maybe. Like, if a rich guy were to pay you NOT to do it. Otherwise, no. You set up your mini website and join an affiliate program, advertise, fulfill your orders, and make money. Pretty simple.

And think about this – if you get just 5 orders a week and make just $75 on each, that’s $19,500 a year for very part time work. If you pay someone $10 to build each site, you’re clearing $16,900. Not bad.

Want to increase your conversions even more? Target specific groups of entrepreneurs, such as work at home moms, retirees looking for extra income, people who are just looking to put up a hobby site and so forth.

And guess what? If you choose, this is only the beginning. Think about all of the other services you can then provide to your new clients – it practically boggles the mind.

Easy Ebay/Amazon Arbitrage

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This little side business is so simple and easy, it can be outlined in just one page. But don’t disregard it just because it’s easy – sometimes it’s the simplest things that turn out to be the most lucrative, especially when you need to make some quick cash.

Here’s how it works:

Basically you’re locating under-priced products on Amazon, listing them as “buy it now” on Ebay, having Amazon fulfill the order for you, and keeping the difference. It won’t make you rich, it does take some research, but as we said – it’s pretty easy, too.

Unlike most Ebay work, you never actually ship anything. Listings are simple because you’re using the “sell one like this” option to list. And when you find a profitable product, you can often sell it many, many times over.

Here’s a list of tips to get you started. First, you need both an Ebay account and an Amazon account. Next, search on Amazon for products that have been marked down that look like they’re worth more than the asking price. This is where the work comes into play. Dig deep into search results, that’s where you’ll find the gems.

Go to Ebay to further research the items you’ve found on Amazon. You especially want to know what they’ve sold for in the past. Choose the items with the highest profit margins for you.

Use to calculate your profit after Paypal and Ebay fees.

Only sell to the lower 48 states in the US – this way shipping is never a problem. If you have Amazon Prime, you won’t pay anything for 2 day shipping. If the item is over $35, you again won’t pay for shipping, but it will take longer to get the item to the customer.

And even though you get shipping for free, you can still charge for shipping if you like – it’s up to you.

Once an item sells, go into your Amazon account, add the item to your cart, and then add the address of your customer to your account. Be sure to ship the item to your customer’s address, using your telephone number. Then go relist the item. Only offer 1 of any item at a time – this way it creates urgency and increases sales.

Want to know how much you can make using this method? It all depends on the products you choose and the time you put into it. But I can tell you this – people have made their monthly house payments and more using this method alone.