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13 Logic Mistakes that Make You Look Irresponsible

| August 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

As a content marketer, your readers judge you by your writing. And if you fall into logical fallacies, your readers and customers might question whether or not you know what you’re talking about.

The ‘Perfection’ of Imperfection

| February 5, 2016 | 0 Comments

You know, not just as Internet Marketers but as people, we crave perfection. And because of that fact, we fail to act when we probably should.

I think you’ll recognize the following examples:

  • Planning a party and then putting it off to the following weekend because there’s more time to get it ‘just perfect’.
  • Waiting until the year after to go on that course, because the deadline this year is just too soon; you’re not quite ready.
  • Writing that book that never quite gets finished because it’s not reading just as you’d like yet
  • Putting that concert off: sure, he/she will be around this part of the country next year – won’t they? You don’t have the money anyway… or the time… this time…

And specifically as an Internet Marketer, you’ll notice that we are always (in the same way) trying to create the perfectly perfect product. We want to wait until it’s just right or just ready and at the best time in the most apt niche.

Careful is good, don’t get me wrong – you don’t want to invest in everything shiny you see like some mindless raven but there is also a danger in being too cautious.

If you wait until you’re ready… really ready it will queue your success and put you after those others that will dare to try and fail with the products that they have now. Not perfect products – working products. You see, if you’ve been in this game as long as I have, you’ll understand this:

There won’t be a perfect product. Ever.

Every product, service, investment, niche and sales related system has risks. In fact, to cheer you up, I’ll tell you this: every moment of life, whether you think about it or not, has risks. You could go outside today and be hit by a bus with no greater or less risk realistically than if you were sky diving. You have to just work with the circumstances you’re in.

There will always be a product ready today, that sells today. And even failing to generate sales will teach you how to reach success next time. Because there are no failures, just learning. Every product that sells less than another tells you many, many useful things about your market – about your consumer. And once you are inside the buying brain of a consumer – well, that’s when the money rolls in.

Do not delay in your experiments. Run with what you have today and make it work to the best of its’ ability. Stop trying to make everything work out perfectly because frankly you’re wasting time and missing out on valuable lessons and challenges that could have benefited you as a very successful Internet Marketer.

Sometimes you just have to rip the plaster off. Just pull and stop thinking about the how’s and whys. Doing things too carefully often delays the inevitable anyway and drags out the whole affair, causing pain. On a similar note, for you and for your life (on and offline) – If you need to walk away from something, just do it now. Waiting is more stressful than the act itself and once you’re on the other side, you can begin anew. But never before then. There’s never a good time. It’s time now.

Certainly, don’t wait for approval to do something either. I have noted a lot of Internet Marketers worrying about what families etc. will think of their trial and error mode. And I don’t blame them – the jobs we have are more risky when you’re self-employed, naturally. But you’re here because you do not want to be a corporate slave, you want freedom. Let that freedom of choice be reflected in your next decisions too then, because life waits for no man and no woman.

Move with it, act now, make your own decisions – be free to make mistakes and to try different things. Products don’t sell themselves, you sell them. And the more you try, the better your technique.

Don’t wait for the perfect thing – it’s not coming. Make use of what you can do now –today. Your imperfection is all of our imperfections. It is what makes us human. It is what makes us great. And boy, does it feel better then, when we get it right.

9 Ways to Get More Traffic from Guest Blogging

| January 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

You spend time creating valuable posts, only to realize no one is reading them. So then you start guest blogging to bring in traffic and get subscribers. Except that nothing changes.

Oops. Turns out, if you want to get traffic and subscribers from guest blogging, you’ve got to do it right. Here’s how:


How to Make Your Marketing Stories So Much More Appealing

| January 23, 2016 | 0 Comments

Why is Bill Gates’ story boring, while Steve Jobs’ story is compelling? Because Steve Jobs failed in a big way, while Bill Gates simply had success after success. It’s the vulnerability of the story teller that makes a story captivating. If there are no setbacks, losses or confessions, there is no story worth telling.

This goes for your products as well. Show the difficulties in creating your product, or the setbacks you endured on the way to gaining your knowledge, and people will listen.

4 Big Takeaways from a Launch that Did 6x Expected Revenues

| January 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

How would you like to see stats like this from your next product launch?

  • 70% open rates…
  • 71% optin rates to a webinar
  • 10% sales page conversion rates…
  • 80% of customers choosing recurring billing over one-time payments…
  • 85% retention rates from recurring billing customers!

Here’s how they did it:


11 Quick and Easy Social Media Posts

| January 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

Don’t have time to reach out on social media? Think again. Pictures, facts, tips, questions, polls, current event comments, caption contests, quotes, etc., are all fast ways to get seen and heard on social media. Get the full list here:

$0 to $50K per Month in Less Than 5 Months

| January 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

Imagine getting customers on demand simply by working your public relations ‘hit list.’ This is a scalable method for getting as many leads or subscribers as you can possibly handle, and more. And it’s a way to never worry about traffic again.

In fact, this author used the method he teaches to take a business from $0 to $50K per month in less than five months.

The ‘secret’ is to attract customers, rather than chasing them down. These are customers who are already sold on your product or service and want to know what the next step is to buying it.


Avoid “Gee I’m Swell!” Metrics

| January 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

How many Facebook fans did you get this week? How many new Twitter followers? And who cares?

Vanity metrics are those things that look impressive yet don’t correlate to revenue.

Instead, focus on the metrics that count, and learn how to use them to increase your sales.


How to Win over Editors and Make Them Crave Your Content

| January 14, 2016 | 0 Comments

One of the best ways to get traffic back to your own website or blog is to write for other websites. But how do you cut through all the noise and make those site editors want your content? Here are six tips to getting your content seen and read on authority sites all of the Internet:


Dynamite Landing Page Inspiration: 17 Examples to Let Your Creativity Go Wild

| January 12, 2016 | 0 Comments

Sometimes the same old landing page just doesn’t cut it like it used to. That’s when it’s time to take inspiration from other websites and see what they’re doing right, and then apply it to your own squeeze page for stellar results.