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How to Get Other People to Pay for Your New Business

| December 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

Let’s say you want to start a new business, but you need some capital to do it. Maybe you want to start making apps or some other kind of software. Or you need software for your own social networking site, or whatever.

Here’s a way to get others to fund it for you.

As you are building your business, record everything. Every problem you solve, every step you take, every misstep you make – take notes of everything.

Offer these notes for sale to others who want to do the same thing you’re doing. For example, if you’re building apps then you’d sell your info to other people who want to make money with apps, too.

You might offer them a weekly update as you progress. Or bundle it all together and sell it when you’re done. It’s up to you, but frankly the idea of letting your customers watch you as you set up your new business and turn a profit can be pretty exciting for them and motivating for you. Plus, you’ll get paid up front.

Offer this insider info for a reasonable price, and remember to offer an appropriate upsell as well. The right upsell will more than double your profits. Use this money to fund your business, and you’ve basically started a business for free – not a bad deal at all.

How to Make an Immediate Lump Sum from Your Paid Membership

| December 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

Gotta love continuity, right? Where else can you sell something once and get paid more than once? And if you have your own membership site, it gets even better because you can also cash out a lump sum whenever you chose to. Here’s how:

Let’s say you’ve got 300 members paying you $27 a month, and you decide you would like a lump sum payment. Offer your members a special one time deal. They can pay for 6 months right now, and get an entire year of membership. That’s $162, saving them $162. Or you could make it $149, saving them even more.

If you get one out of three members to take your offer at $149, you just received $149 times 100, or $14,900. Not a bad pay day.

33 Email Marketing Tips to Double and even Triple Your Email Profits Overnight

| December 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

Speaking to someone through their email is the next best thing to calling them. Used correctly, it’s a way into their heart and can bind them to you for multiple years and transactions to come.

But sadly most marketers are truly terrible at email marketing. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 33 best email marketing tips to double and possibly even triple you profits – sometimes overnight.

  1. One of the goals of the very first email is to set the tone of things to come. Let them know how often you will be emailing, what you’ll be sending and what’s in it for them. If you’re going to be selling, tell them up front by making it clear you will from time to time be recommending products you think will be tremendous assets to them. Basically, you want them to know:
  1. you’ll be sending great info they can USE and will enjoy

B. You’ll be sending recommendations, and if that is going to blow their minds, they should unsubscribe NOW. This will save you aggravation later and sets the stage to allow you to sell (in the right way) to your heart’s content.

  1. From the very first email, try to get replies. Ask them what one thing would help them the very most right now to get what they want. You might phrase it something like, “What’s your biggest challenge right now in ___.” Then use their responses to drive your marketing.
  1. Send testimonials. Often. Like once a week. A person’s guard is down when they’re reading their emails, which means it’s a perfect time to send a story about someone who used your product and had terrific results – the same results the person reading your email wants to get.
  1. If your business requires more information from prospects than just a name and an email address, gather this info slowly. If you ask for name, email, address and phone up front, you’re likely to get nothing. But if you ask first for just an email address, and later ask their name, and then their address and phone number, you are much more likely to get all of this information. [ALTERNATIVE: Let them opt in to your list with just an email address. On the next page, ask for more info. Even if they don’t give it, at least you captured the email.]
  1. Do tons of research. Know your prospects better than they know themselves.
  1. Write to them every day. Yes, every day. The key is to send something INTERESTING every day. Simply sending offer after offer is not interesting. Sending stories or tips or news or updates is interesting – and you can always close with an offer. Just don’t make the offer the only thing in your email.
  1. No hard sales. Repeat: No hard sales. What’s hard selling? “Buy this right now because it’s fantastic, on sale and will never be offered again at any price and oh my god this is so wonderful I just wet my pants.” Yeah, you know what we mean. Instead, use the soft sell. Third party testimonials and stories are excellent for this.
  1. Pretend you’re writing to a friend who has the same needs and desires as those on your list. Picture your friend in your mind as you write. This will help you to connect with your list.
  1. If you have your own products, then promote them. After all, if your products or services are what will most help your lists, then why promote anything else? Be proud of your products. Only promote affiliate products when they fill a need your product does not, or when list members have already purchased your product. (See #10)
  1. Do promote affiliate products that are similar to yours to your buyers. For example, let’s say you have a product on how to drive traffic. The buyers of that product will be excellent prospects to purchase other traffic courses as well.
  1. For your buyer lists: Follow up. Give them tips on how best to use the product they purchased, along with a recommendation for a related beneficial product.
  1. Don’t do your real selling in emails. Email is for relationship building through valuable content. Do your real selling on the sales page. (See #7)
  1. Carry a device or a simple notepad with you to record ideas for emails. Ideas are everywhere, you just have to start looking
  1. Segment your lists to stay relevant. Sending emails on a topic readers aren’t interested in is a no-no. Instead, offer a free report on the topic. Those who opt to get the free report have shown they are interested in the topic, and you can now tailor content to their interest.
  1. Tell them why. If you want them to take some sort of action, tell them why they should take it.
  1. Meet them where they are now, not where you want them to be. If your prospects are new to your niche then you’re going to write to them differently than if they are seasoned veterans. Start with their mind set (Confused? Skeptical? Scared?) And walk with them to the solution you offer.
  1. To become the authority in their eyes, you need to do two things: First, know more about the topic than they do. This means you read, study and so forth. Second, educate them. Share your knowledge and you are without question the expert.
  1. Infuse your marketing message inside a compelling story to hook your readers.
  1. Create open loops to get your emails opened. That is, finish one story and start another in one email. They open the email to get the end of the story they read yesterday, then have to open tomorrow’s email to get closure on today’s story.
  1. If subscribers aren’t opening your emails, take them off your list. Too many people not opening emails can hurt your deliverability and your emails could fall into spam folders.
  1. The purpose of social media? To get people on your email list. Remember that and market accordingly. In social media people may (or most likely won’t) see your message. But get into their inbox and your odds go up exponentially that your content will be read and acted upon.
  1. With email, you OWN your audience. With social media, they can shut you down anytime they choose. Again – the purpose of social media is to get people on your list.
  1. Create a set of emails based off of your niche’s frequently asked questions. The subject line is the question, the email body is the answer.
  1. Trouble finding topics? Use movies, songs, TV shows, news, topical issues – anything you can relate back to your subject. What would you talk about with coworkers on break? Yeah – that’s the stuff to use.
  1. Get creative with your lead magnets. A list of resources, a video tutorial, a webinar – you don’t have to just do a pdf anymore.
  1. Buyers are best, but freebie seekers can be useful, too. Buyers tend to buy again. But some freebie seekers do eventually buy. And others might share your stuff on social media with new buyers. So yes, let the freebie seekers on your list.
  1. Treat your buyers like royalty. Give them special perks and benefits for being your customer to keep them loyal and buying your stuff. Let your non-buyers know they are only getting the standard red carpet treatment, while your buyers are getting the platinum star treatment. Encourage them to become buyers, too.
  1. Create a 7 day email series for prospects who abandon the shopping cart. Acknowledge them in the first email, give them social proof in the next email, then combine social proof with the reasons they should buy from you in the next 5 emails.
  1. Have a personality. Don’t write like a machine – write like yourself. You’ve got a personality and hopefully it’s a good one. Use it to connect and let readers see the real you.
  1. Build a cult of ‘you.’ Unite your readers with a common goal. Give yourselves a name and create your own language, too.
  1. Write F.A.Q. emails. These tend to get opened and read a LOT. If you have a big promotion going, send out an F.A.Q. 2 days into the promotion and 3 days before it ends. Also place the F.A.Q. at the bottom of your sales page, underneath the order button. It will increase conversions.
  1. Use $1 trial offers to greatly increase sales. Let them know up front how much they will be charged and when, so they can cancel if they decide to. But if your product is good, most won’t cancel.
  1. Need to raise some cash fast? Do a 72 hour sale with a great offer. After 36 hours, lower the price again and let them know that people who purchased in the first 36 hours are getting an incredible bonus for having paid a little bit more.

There you have it – 33 tips to make your email marketing more profitable today, tomorrow and next year.

Of course the unspoken king of email marketing tips would be this:

Always, always, ALWAYS be building your list.

How to Turn Expenses into Profit Streams

| December 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

Are you getting something expensive done for your business? For example, are you having some special software made just for you? That might set you back a couple of thousand dollars, but not if you’re smart.

When you tell your coder what you want, ask him to create a stand alone version that you can sell to others. It might be a blank version with no graphics or banners that you can then sell at a premium rate to other marketers, who can then brand the software and sell it under their own name.

This might cost a little more money up front, but the money you earn on selling the software will likely pay for the whole deal, and maybe even put you in profit.

What if you’re having your lawyer draw up legal forms for your website? Same thing. Ask your lawyer to make generic versions you can then sell to other marketers who can’t afford a lawyer. Make it clear that they need to do their own due diligence, and that you are not offering legal advice.

Anytime you are paying for anything pricey, ask yourself how you can turn the expense into a profit stream. It’s a simple shift in your mindset that can greatly reduce your overhead and even put some money in your pocket.

FUN: The Missing Ingredient to Your Business?

| December 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

Run for Your Lives is a 5K zombie infested obstacle course. Participants assume the role of either survivor or zombie, the chased or the chasers. Everyone pays to participate, even the spectators. It’s a crazy, fun idea. Check out the video.

Not Another Bill sends its customers monthly surprise packages. It’s like getting a present in the post every month, and you never know what it’s going to be.

Hangover Heaven runs a luxury bus in Las Vegas in which you are pampered and intravenously fed hangover cures as the bus cruises up and down the strip. We’re not joking.

What do these businesses have in common? One word – FUN.

So what can you do to spice up your business model and make it fun? Try carrying this question around with you for a week, jotting down every seemingly crazy idea you have and see what happens.

Just one idea on how to inject a healthy dose of fun into your business can net you plenty of free publicity as well as loyal fans and customers who brag about you on social media. Think about it.

3 Ways to Make More Money from Your Products

| December 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

What if you were to do the exact same work and put in the exact same effort on your next product, only you made 3 tiny changes… and increased your income? Here’s how to do it:

      1. Change the commission amount that you offer to affiliates. If you normally give 100% to build your list, try offering just 60 or 70% instead. Surprisingly, your affiliates will often send just as much traffic, but you get to profit as well.

Alternative: Bump the commission up to 100%. If you normally pay 50%, trying bumping it up this time instead. Then offer an upsell in which you either split the commission with affiliates, or take it all yourself.

      1. Insert links into your product. This is old school but it still works. Choose a product or two of your own that fit well with the product you’re selling and talk them up inside your new product. Don’t oversell, just mention how they will help out with whatever it is they do.

Alternative: Add the sales pages for the products as index.html files into your download zip. Or better yet, do both.

      1. Place links for other products on your download page. This is prime real estate and a great place to make other offers.

Alternative: Offer your best affiliates a link to their product on your download page if they will promote your product like crazy. This works really, really well at motivating some affiliates. Decide if you want to split the profits from their products with them, or let them keep 100% of the profits.

It surprising how often simple little tweaks can substantially add to your bottom line. You just have to test things out and see what works best for you – it’s well worth the extra few minutes it takes.

How to Just About Guarantee You Make Money in the Internet Marketing Niche

| December 13, 2015 | 0 Comments

This won’t make you rich but it will make you a full time income.

Everyday there are new people wanting to do Internet marketing, but they don’t want to do the work. If you can take the pain of the work away from them, they will pay you for it.

The pain is in the actual “doing” of the thing. So you do the “thing” for them. What’s the “thing?” It could be creating their first product, setting up their sales funnel, building their website, writing their blogposts, putting a list building system in place… anything that needs to be done to start an online business qualifies.

Let’s say someone wants to run WSO’s but doesn’t know where to start. “I will create your WSO for you” is going to resonate with them. You create the first couple of WSO’s for your first customers, and then when you’re in profit – you outsource the rest of the WSO’s while you focus on building your next service.

Yes, it really can be that simple. Watch to see what people want when they’re starting their online businesses, then jump in and be the one to give it to them. Guaranteed you’ll make money.

How to Safeguard Any Document from Loss

| December 13, 2015 | 0 Comments

This is the fast and easy way to make sure something cannot be lost – even if your computer crashes or you forget your laptop in the airport terminal.

Simply send the document (or file, or whatever) as an attachment to your Gmail or other online email account.

Now you can access it from anyplace or from any device where you can access your email.

Security? Fuhgeddaboudit!

| December 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

You create a product to sell. Then you buy a fancy script to hide the product so no one steals it. You know what I mean. To unlock it, the customer has to type in a passcode or jump through a few hoola hoops and then maybe they get it. Maybe.

Or maybe the passcode is full of zero’s and capital O’s, and big letter I and small letter l and the number 1 which look a lot alike, and now you get your help desk swamped with angry people who can’t access your product.

Was it worth it? Heck no.

Using a simple membership script or a no follow link for the download page is plenty. If someone wants to steal your stuff, they’re going to steal your stuff. All it takes is one buyer to put it up on a forum, and frankly there is no way you can stop them from doing it. What you can do is inform any site that is hosting your content illegally to take it down, and they almost always will.

But here’s the point: For 99.9% of buyers, you don’t need this heavy security. For the other .1%, nothing is going to stop them.

So why waste your time and aggravate your real customers? Focus your efforts on SELLING, not on protecting your pdf’s and your videos. You’ll make more money and be a whole lost less frustrated, too.

How to Track Solo Ads Using Your Autoresponder

| December 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

Here’s a down and dirty method to track response rates of solo ads or anything else you’re testing out, and you don’t need any additional software or know-how to do it.

Simply set up a new web form for each new solo ad. Then clone your squeeze page by copying it and creating a new one.

Now shorten your cloned squeeze page URL in or whatever service you use. Give the shortened link to the solo ad seller.

That’s it! This way you can easily track the opt-in rate of each solo ad. And you can also see where the sales came from as well.