How to Make an Immediate Lump Sum from Your Paid Membership

| December 27, 2015

Gotta love continuity, right? Where else can you sell something once and get paid more than once? And if you have your own membership site, it gets even better because you can also cash out a lump sum whenever you chose to. Here’s how:

Let’s say you’ve got 300 members paying you $27 a month, and you decide you would like a lump sum payment. Offer your members a special one time deal. They can pay for 6 months right now, and get an entire year of membership. That’s $162, saving them $162. Or you could make it $149, saving them even more.

If you get one out of three members to take your offer at $149, you just received $149 times 100, or $14,900. Not a bad pay day.

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