How to Make Double Profits While Others Build Your List of Buyers for You

| August 1, 2015

You can begin this one by doing the work yourself, and then outsource it to ramp up your profits.

Here’s how it works: In the online marketing / internet marketing niche, create a course. It’s not hard to do this – you can simply buy other courses and take the best of the best info from each and rewrite it in your own words. Or better yet, develop a course based upon your own experience.

Once you have your course, sell it to end users for whatever price you choose. Let’s say you sell it for $37, and you sell 200 copies – that’s $7400. Not bad. If you use affiliates you can probably do a lot better.

But it doesn’t end there. This next step is one that few marketers take, yet it can result in much, much greater profits.

You’re going to offer reseller rights to your course. That is, your buyers can pay you to resell your course. This isn’t Master Resale rights, because they can only sell the course as is to the end user, keeping your name on the course. And it’s not PLR – again, they can only sell it as it is.

You can also offer resell rights to non-buyers as well – it’s up to you.

Let’s say you sell resell rights to 50 people for $97 at apiece – that’s nearly $5,000 more in profits.

Here’s the trick to selling the resell rights – LIMIT the number sold. This way buyers have to make a decision rather than putting it off, AND it’s much more enticing to own the rights if only a limited number of people have them. Don’t worry about saturation – most people who buy resale rights never actually get around to using them.

And be sure to emphasize that as a reseller they get to keep ALL of the profits, straight into their Paypal account. This means they can recoup their cost quite quickly and get into profit in no time.

You can either allow resellers to sell straight from your website or their own. In either case, be sure to capture the email addresses of the buyers. If it’s being sold from your own website, it’s easy. If not, put something inside the course to entice buyers to immediately join your list.

Now then, once you get good at this, you can outsource the course building. Let’s say you pay $2,000 to build a course, and as in the above scenario you make $12,000. This leaves you with a $10,000 profit.

Rinse and repeat as often as you like!

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