How to Make Money Giving Away Reports

| August 2, 2015

Here’s a case study from someone who is running a very part time business, yet earning approximately $5K per month.

This is in the online marketing / internet marketing niche, and it’s simple enough that most anyone can do it, with or without experience.

First, find PLR software. This might take some research since it’s much easier to find video PLR and ebook PLR, but it’s out there. Make sure it’s good quality stuff, because you’ll be putting your reputation behind it.

Why PLR software and not PLR ebooks or videos? Because software has a higher perceived value. Thus, you can charge more, needing fewer sales to reach your income goals.

When you find a quality piece of PLR software, buy the rights. Rename it and give it a new cover. You want to make the software look unique, so buyers can’t find it elsewhere.

Write a report. This is the trick: Your report is going to focus on the many benefits this software can bring. For example, let’s say you have a piece of software that makes it easy to build a list. Your report will talk about the many benefits of having a list; how a person can send an email and make money, how they can do it from anywhere, how they can travel the world and still make money with their list, etc. You’re not writing so much about list building as you are the many benefits of having a list. Make the report really speak to the reader, so that by the end they are super motivated to build a list. But instead of telling them how to build a list, you’re going to make it easy for them by offering your software, which does most of the work for them.

This is where people tend to get this business model wrong: They talk about all the steps to list building, then offer the software to make it easier. But you’re not selling software, you’re selling the dream. And people will reach for their wallets much faster when you show them how to get their dream life, versus how they can save some time in list building.

See the difference?

Now give your report away in exchange for email addresses. This way you are building a list of potential software buyers and software buyers. Every couple of weeks, repeat the process to add to your list and to make more sales.

Each report you write is like an ambassador, bringing you new subscribers and new sales. After a few months you should have a dozen or more reports circulating, bringing you customers and sales.

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