How to Start a Business Giving Away other People’s Services

| January 12, 2016

Imagine walking into a business, offering to double their sales, and then explaining that the way you’re going to do this is to GIVE AWAY their product or service.

Crazy, right? Yet this is exactly what you’ll do.

First, you make a list of businesses in which this technique will work. Good ones are yoga studios, exercise classes, gyms, martial arts studios, personal trainers and so forth. This also works in just about any type of ongoing class, such as crafts, sewing, do it yourself, music lessons, etc. And there are other business that can use this technique as well.

For this example, let’s say you approach a martial arts studio. The business is doing alright, but could use an influx of new customers. You offer to greatly increase their business with a very minimal outlay of cash – maybe $100. You then negotiate a percentage of all new business they bring in.

Once you have your agreement, use the $100 to print up very nice looking certificates or cards offering 2 free weeks of lessons. These certificates or cards should look professional, as if the giver might have purchased it for the recipient.

The business owner then gives the cards or certificates to all of their customers to give out to their friends. New people come to the studio and get their two weeks of free lessons. From these, typically about half to two thirds will sign up to become paid members.

Why this works: Current clients will give the certificates to the friends they think are most likely to appreciate it. When a person gets one of these certificates from their friend, they feel almost obligated to try it out. And since they already know someone who goes to this place of business and likes it, they feel comfortable trying it out.

Once they get their free two weeks of lessons, they feel another obligation to sign up because of the law of reciprocity. So if the instructor did a good job of teaching and asking them to join, they are very likely to do so.

Plus, it really doesn’t take that much more effort to teach a class of say, 10 people than it does to teach 5 people. It’s still the same length of time and the same instruction. So really the business owner is getting new clients with very little time or money invested.

This technique is almost too easy. You can even pay for the certificates yourself, taking ALL of the perceived risk away from the business owner. And for just a couple of hours work on your part contacting the business and creating the certificates, you can earn yourself a very nice payday. For example, if a studio charges $50 a month, and people sign a 12 month contract, that’s $600. If your commission is, say, 30%, then you’re earning $180 on each new member. Multiply that by the number of members signed up using this technique, and you’ve got a nice payday.

And this method can be used over and over again by the same businesses, too. Meaning you can actually get paid more than once for the work you do.

This is an excellent little side business that could potentially earn you a full time income.

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