I don’t know where to start

| January 11, 2016

Q. I haven’t started to build my business yet, because I don’t know WHERE to start. Can you suggest some first steps?

A. Start by building your audience and your list, using this 14 day plan:

Day 1: Look at the audiences you already belong to. Are you an app junkie? A lover of books? A race car enthusiast? Choose an audience you want to spend a lot more time with and hopefully one that you already know and understand.

Day 2: Get yourself a blog, preferably on your own domain with an appropriate URL. Hook up an autoresponder to your blog to gather email addresses.

Day 3: Spend exactly one day creating an incentive to get them to join your list. One day. That’s it.

Day 4: Make a list of the questions people in your audience often have.

Day 5: Choose one question and write a post that answers it.

Day 6: Send it out over social media.

Day 7: Rest.

Day 8: Do Day 5 over again.

Day 9: Do Day 6 over again.

Days 10 – 14: Now pick one of the best questions your audience asks, and ask that question to all the best experts in your niche. Create a blog post from their answers, and let each expert know about it. Many of them will send you traffic.

Congratulations – odds are you now have a good list started and you’re on your way.

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