No Pumpkin Pie For You

| November 23, 2015

This past spring I made a clear goal to have a great garden, and then I set about defining what that meant.

This year the weeds would be kept to a minimum.

The tomatoes would have cages instead of sprawling across the ground.

There would be twice the number of zucchini plants as last year.

We would have corn – 3 kinds – because we’ve never had corn before, so why not?

We would have watermelon – 2 kinds – because I love watermelon.

The basil would be plentiful, the lemon cucumbers would have plenty of room to sprawl, and…

…that’s about as far as I got in my planning.

I knew I wanted pumpkins and spaghetti squash.

But I didn’t know where I would plant them.

So I decided since they can be planted later, I would think about it later.

Now it’s September, and I have tomatoes and cucumbers and zucchini and basil and corn…

…and no pumpkins and no spaghetti squash.

The seeds for both are still in the packets because I never made a plan for where they would go and when they would be planted.

I never really visualized them into my garden, and so they’re not there.

Maybe next year.

Do you have a plan for your business? How clear and detailed is it? If you look back on your life, you’ll notice that the things you see the most clearly are also the things that come to fruition.

I want a big garden” doesn’t usually yield much, where as, “I’ll put the pumpkins here and the squash there and I’ll plant them on the 15th” and by this date the plants will be this high and by this date we’ll be harvesting” results in a fruitful yield.

People are always prattling on about setting goals – to the point where it becomes annoying and meaningless.

But the fact is, unless you can really SEE your goal and know EXACTLY what it is and what it will look like, sound like, taste like and feel like, you don’t have a real goal.

You just have a dream. And while dreams are nice, they’re also the stuff of regrets. Dreams are what you wish you had, goals are what you’re about to get.

Big difference.

Do you have dreams? Or goals? Do you know when and where you’re going to plant your pumpkins? If not, then you’re not having pumpkin pie.

Instead, you’ll be dining on regret.


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