Offline Business To Supplement My Online Business Income?

| September 13, 2015

Question. I’d Like An Offline Business To Supplement My Online Business Income. In Other Words, I Don’t Want All My Eggs In One Basket. Any Ideas?

Answer: Yes, but it might surprise you – clean barbecues and grills. Most people have a grill, and most people don’t clean them or don’t want to clean them. This is a service you can perform quickly for easy money. And all it takes is a couple of hours of research and practice to get good at it, along with some inexpensive tools and cleaners. Just Google “how to clean a bbq” and you’ll discover your own system.

By the way, I got this idea from a PDF someone passed on to me. It seems there’s a BBQ clean franchise you can buy for about $15,000. Seriously?? Just do a Google search and figure out how to clean grills, then get busy marketing your service.

Then when you’ve got the system down, hire a private contractor (not an employee) to do the actual cleaning for you. Now you’re making less profit, but you’re putting very little time into it, so you can expand it if you like and get more customers.

Get your customers on a plan – you come over every two months or even every month and clean the grill for them. Pay attention to what they need, you might find a second business along the way like cleaning their deck and their deck furniture, too.

Taking the whole cleaning thing further, you could clean garages, detail cars, clean roofs, parking lots, houses both inside and out, windows, drapes, vents, gutters… you get the idea. Cleaning is a BIG business that requires very little investment to get into, and you can hire private contractors to do the actual labor.

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