Sending Texts to my Customers?

| October 4, 2015

Question. Is it all right to send text messages to my customers?

Answer. If they opted in to get text messages, then yes, it is absolutely alright. In fact, you’d be crazy not to do it.

Text messages have a 98% open rate and a 19% click through rate. This is HUGE and powerful.

Here’s the key: We’re gun shy about sending text messages because we’ve all gotten the spammy kind on our own phones, and we don’t want to look like we’re spamming.

But if your customers opt in to get timely, relevant messages from you, then you’re actually doing them a disservice if you don’t send them text messages. Let them know when your sale is starting and ending, when your webinar is beginning and the latest breaking news they need to know right now.

Best of all, thank them via text, whether it’s for a purchase they just made or simply for being on your list. Like any other form of marketing, do what’s in your customer’s best interest and you can’t go wrong.

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