Six or Seven figure launches in a week’s time. How do they do it?

| January 14, 2016

Q. I keep reading about these overnight successes, like product launches that bring in six or seven figures in a week’s time. How do they do it?

A. Sorry to say, there are no overnight successes. Even people who win the lottery have usually played the lottery for years and even decades before winning. When you see something in the news about a start-up company suddenly selling for billions of dollars, what you aren’t seeing is the massive amount of work that went into that start-up. We’re talking tens of thousands of hours and numerous setbacks and obstacles to overcome time and time again. We’re talking doing the work that needs to be done day in and day out, sometimes working 14 and 16 hours day. But the media doesn’t report any of this because it isn’t glamorous.

And overnight product launches are no different. A great deal of time went into learning marketing, building an audience, discovering what that audience wants, building relationships with list owners, creating the product, creating the entire sales system that sells the product and so forth. It’s tremendous work with tremendous payoff, but many people never get the work done, so they never get the pay, either.

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