The Simple 5 Step Formula that can Take Almost ANYONE from Zero to 6 Figures in Internet Marketing

| January 10, 2016

You’ve seen this done time and again, yet you probably didn’t recognize what was happening. In fact, this is an almost foolproof method for making six figures in the IM niche. And while it’s been done over and over again for the last 15-20 years, it is just as effective today as when the first marketer accidentally stumbled on this system.

Four things you should know about this system:

  • There is work involved – no pushbuttons here, sorry.
  • It works just about every time if you follow all the steps.
  • Step #2 is the hardest. Once you get past this, you’re golden.
  • It doesn’t translate as well into other niches – it works best in IM.

We’ll cover each step in more detail in a moment, but here’s how it works in brief:

  1. Pick something you want to do within the IM world. You’re going to be spending a lot of time on this and become an expert at it, so choose something you enjoy. But don’t sweat it when I say “a lot of time.” This isn’t a four year college education – more like a two to three month crash course. If that.
  1. Do the thing. Whatever it is, just do it. Whether it’s becoming a Facebook advertising pro, producing and selling WordPress plugins, making YouTube videos that generate sales, etc., just do it.
  1. Make the course that shows how you do what you do, and how you get the results you get.
  1. If possible, automate it. Make the software that does what you do, or makes it easier to do what you do. If you can’t make a software for it, then create a service to perform the task. This will make more sense in a moment.
  1. Provide your customers and clients with personal one-on-one or conference call mentoring.

That’s it. If you’re thinking this sounds too simple, then think again. Remember the many offers and campaigns you’ve received in Internet Marketing. How were they structured? Usually, somebody learned how to do something well, got good results, and sold a course on it. Then there was an upsell for software, or they offered to do the service for you. And for a hefty sum, they would even teach you one on one how to do what they do.

See? It works. It’s been working. It’s been out there for all to see in plain sight, yet most people look right past the goose that lays golden eggs, looking for who knows what instead.

So let’s get started.

Step 1: Pick something you want to do within the IM world.

This can be almost anything that others will want to know how to do. Remember, others want to make money in IM, so whatever you choose should help them with that end goal, even if it doesn’t directly pay them.

For example, maybe you’re an expert on getting massive amounts of leads using a particular social network. This is exactly the kind of thing people will pay to learn. Or perhaps you know how to make videos that sell products like hotcakes. Again, people desperately want to know this.

If you’re completely stymied on what to choose, spend an afternoon browsing the Warrior Forum for ideas. Make a list, and choose something within 24 hours. Giving yourself a deadline helps get you to the next step.

Step 2: Do the thing.

Get a course or two that will help you. But don’t get bogged down in the research phase. Instead, get started as soon as possible. Knowledge that you gain from ‘doing’ is worth far more than what you gain by reading, because you then own that knowledge. You forget stuff you read – you don’t forget stuff you do.

Make notes. Write down what you do and whether or not it works. Your mistakes are just as helpful as your successes, because you’ll want to teach not only what to do, but also what pitfalls to avoid.

Do the thing until you are good at it. How do you know when you’re good? When you’re getting the results you seek – or better yet, when you’re getting the results your future customers will want.

I know I already said it, but it bears repeating – TAKE NOTES. The more notes you take as you are learning, the easier the remaining steps will be.

If you get stuck, ask someone for help. Find someone who is already good at what you are learning, and just ask. If they won’t help you, find someone else. But don’t be a pest. You should be able to figure most things out either by yourself, or by using the information you gleaned from the books or courses you bought.

Step 3: Make the course that shows how you do what you do, and how you get the results you get.

This is where your notes will come in handy, because you’ve already got much of the material you need to create your course. Record some videos of you doing what you do, write a manual to go with it, and sell it. Congratulations, you are now a bonafide expert!

If you’re unsure of how to put your course together, simply make an outline of what it is that you do to get the results you get. Step by step, as in: What’s the very first thing you do? The second? And so forth. Keep it simple to follow, add plenty of relevant details, and also tell them what to watch out for and what not to do.

IMPORTANT: You might want to consider making TWO courses – one that is basic and a second that is more advanced. This way you can sell the basic course for a low price, and then upsell to the advanced course for more money. Some customers will be happy just learning the basics, while others will be willing to pay more to get the advanced version, too.

Step 4: If possible, automate it. Otherwise, create a service.

This is an either / or kind of step, and which one you do depends of course on what it is that you are doing. If there is a way to use software to automate a portion of the process you’re teaching, then pay a coder to create the software for you. Being able to sell software to automate the process can easily double and triple the revenue you get from selling the course(s).

On the other hand, if there is no way that software can be used to automate the process, then consider offering a done-for-you type of service. In the beginning you can literally do whatever it is that you do for your customers, so they don’t have to. But when you start getting too many orders, be prepared to outsource the work to someone else.

Truth be told, most people are lazy. Thus, most people would rather pay someone to do the service for them, rather than perform it themselves. And it’s not difficult to find people to outsource the work to. You will of course have to train them, but once you do it becomes a simple matter of handing them the work and then giving the finished product to your customers.

Note: There is a third option that will sometimes be applicable, other than creating software or doing the service for the customer. And that’s to create templates. It might be video templates, sales letter templates, web page templates, etc. This option will only sometimes work, but it’s also another possibility to bring in more sales and more revenue.

Step 5: Provide your customers and clients with personal one-on-one or conference call mentoring.

Until now you’ve likely been making GOOD money, but here’s where it gets even better. A small portion of your buyers will want the ‘full monty.’ That is, they want YOU, the expert, to show them how it’s done. This can be through group conference calls or one on one. The one on one pays far more, by the way, but you are limited as far as the amount of time you can spend on this.

And you can in fact offer both. Group coaching for maybe $100-200 a month, or persona one on one coaching for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on your market.

Tips to make this system even more powerful:

  1. Make sure you get your own proprietary knowledge. This might be things you discover on your own. It could be new ideas that you apply to your system of doing things, or entirely new systems or methods. Bottom line, you don’t want to simply teach a rehash of what others are doing. You want to teach something no one else is teaching. That said, it does not need to be radically new or different. Little changes and improvements are all you need.
  1. Create your own language. When you develop a new method or add your own ideas to the mix, also come up with your own terminology. Anyone might be able to teach advertising on Facebook, but only you can teach the “Forbidden Five Finger Facebook Method.”
  1. Don’t be afraid to take the leap from step #2 to step #3. Some marketers are afraid to declare themselves expert enough to teach. “If I just work at this another month, or just learn another technique, THEN I’ll be ready to teach.” Don’t fall into this trap. When you’re getting the results you seek, you are ready to teach. Period.
  1. Look for hidden side opportunities. If you’re teaching a great method for turning Facebook traffic into sales, you can also teach how to get Facebook traffic. If you’re teaching how to sell WordPress plugins, you can expand this to teaching how to brainstorm great ideas for WordPress plugins and get the created for cheap.
  1. Pay attention to all the little details. When you get good at something, you tend to take the details for granted because you do them without thinking. But someone new wants to know these details.
  1. Save your best stuff for your one on one mentoring clients. That’s right – don’t teach your best techniques to customers who only buy your course. Definitely give them their money’s worth and a whole lot more, but hold something back just for your best customers. Otherwise, why are they paying you so much money?
  1. Use Skype for your one on one mentoring clients. Give them the special attention they deserve for spending so much money with you. Work with them to make them successful. But don’t do the work for them, unless that’s what they’re paying you for. They will get far more value if they learn how to do it themselves than if you do it for them.
  1. Be available to your one on one clients via email. You will likely only speak to them once a week on Skype, but they will have questions though out the week. Let them email you, and be sure to answer their questions promptly.
  1. Let your one on one clients know in advance when you are available to answer email questions. If you are only available Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm, let them know. This way they don’t get upset if they email you Friday morning and you don’t answer until Monday.
  1. Grow. Whatever it is that you’re teaching, here’s what’s going to happen. New developments will be made. New software, new websites, new techniques, new challenges, etc. The web is always changing. All you have to do now is keep abreast of the changes and always be on the lookout for ways to improve what you’re doing. This means you can update your course and sell it again. You can update your software or your service and continue to sell it. You can update your coaching and continue to offer it.
  1. Grow some more. More and more people will be entering the IM niche; people who need your help. So the course you sold this month can still be sold next month and next year and five years from now, as long as you keep it up to date.
  1. Grow even more. Want to double your income? Do the entire process over again in another IM niche. You can always outsource the coaching to your best students, thus freeing you up to do this process as many times as you like. The only limits with this system are those that you place on yourself.

Don’t blow this formula off. Sure, you can continue looking for that mythical pushbutton system. They’re as common as unicorns. Or you can build a REAL business, which is exactly what this is.

Again, watch closely to see what the big IM marketers are doing, and you will see this formula in action. Why? Because it flat out works.


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