What’s a title tag and a meta tag?

| October 4, 2015

Question. What’s a title tag and a meta tag? And why do I need to know this?

Answer: On your website, a Meta Tag is a line of code that tells search engines what your page is all about, so it’s important for SEO, although not as important as it used to be. These days search engines are more interested in your inbound links and your page content when determining ranking, but they still factor in your Meta Tag as well.

Most website editors allow you to easily edit meta tags without any coding knowledge. If you don’t have an editor, you can open a web page file in Notepad and you’ll find the meta tags near the top.

There are three key components to a meta tag:

Title: This is the title of the page that’s seen at the top of web browsers. It’s also the main headline displayed in the search engine results.

Description: The is the description that appears in search engine results underneath the title.

Keywords: These aren’t visible in the search engine results like the title and description are, but they’re still important. Choose 7 or fewer words that identify what the page is about.

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